Universal - Nov 6 2019

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Clues Answers
"Frozen" prince HANS
"Grey's Anatomy" sets, briefly ORS
"I ___ to recall ..." SEEM
"Right away!" acronym ASAP
"That clears it up" ISEE
"Voila!" TADA
"___: Miami" (2002-12 show) CSI
2019 award for soccer star Alex Morgan ESPY
Artwork featuring the 58-Across SEASCAPE
Before long SOON
Before long, in verse ANON
Beginning of the back nine, in golf TENTHHOLE
Bill dubbed the "Science Guy" NYE
Bones in a cage RIBS
Briny expanse OCEAN
Busker's bills ONES
Card with neither a number nor a face ACE
Caribbean destination ISLE
Cascades, or a hint to the molecule "stream" hidden in 3-, 8- and 33-Down WATERFALLS
Celestial bear URSA
Chimpanzees and such APES
Coastal abode BEACHHOUSE
Collection ARRAY
Command whose icon is often a floppy disk SAVE
Customary USUAL
Dumpster woe ODOR
End ___ (consumers) USERS
Fabled race loser HARE
Filled pastry TART
Fireplace remains ASHES
Glasses have them RIMS
Go over EXCEED
Green gem JADE
Harbor structure WHARF
Hardest to find SCARCEST
Having feelings SENTIENT
Informative talks LECTURES
Inverness inhabitants SCOTS
Iranian money unit RIAL
Clues Answers
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Leak slowly SEEP
Like many characters in "The Big Bang Theory" NERDY
Lopsided victory ROUT
Make straight ALIGN
Mormon leader Smith JOSEPH
Move slightly STIR
Multicolored horse ROAN
Nebraska city near Iowa OMAHA
New Hampshire's Washington, e.g MOUNT
Newscaster Paula ZAHN
Ohio city near Michigan TOLEDO
Parisian pals AMIS
Piano piece for four hands DUET
Piquant ZESTY
Post office opening SLOT
Put on the payroll HIRED
Rapper Rich ___ Quan HOMIE
Recipe amts TSPS
Reporter's piece STORY
Rickman in "Harry Potter" films ALAN
Risks getting bleeped SWEARS
Rodgers of the Packers AARON
Sit (down) suddenly PLOP
Slicker, in the winter ICIER
Symphony, for one OPUS
Take a spouse MARRY
Takes in EATS
Those folks THEY
Tower (over) LOOM
Tower Bridge spans it THAMES
Trucker's outfit? RIG
Verb that rhymes with a related organ HEAR
Wander about ROVE
Without a musical key ATONAL
Workplace social time, perhaps LUNCHHOUR
Yule, informally XMAS
___, place or show WIN
___-ran ALSO