Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Appearance, view ASPECT
Belonging to the outside EXTERNAL
Clears with a brush SWEEPS
Company of clowns and acrobats CIRCUS
Convicts, inmates PRISONERS
Covered entrance to a building PORCH
Decorate a cake ICE
Dublin dish CODDLE
Exactly, rigidly STRICTLY
Freight of ship, plane or truck CARGO
Head gesture NOD
Informal or nonchalant CASUAL
It's said to be the sincerest form of flattery IMITATION
Jumps or springs suddenly LEAPS
Keep back, hold on to RETAIN
Land for laity, oddly ITALY
Large and deep hole in the ground PIT
Membrane in the eye RETINA
Clues Answers
Musical animal fat GREASE
Not the ones already mentioned OTHERS
One takes a case to a higher court for review APPELLANT
Orchestral introductions OVERTURES
Overturn or unsettle UPSET
Pain in the neck, pest NUISANCE
Pay no attention to IGNORE
Permission to take a vacation LEAVE
Pointed projectile ARROW
Presiding male at meetings CHAIRMAN
Reptile with legs LIZARD
Residence, dwelling HOUSE
Rub Dan up the wrong way in S.Africa DURBAN
Shrill sounds made through pursed lips WHISTLES
Stored-up wealth TREASURE
Take without consent ROB
Talking very loudly SHOUTING
Walk this way, if you're a crab SIDEWAYS