New York Times - Nov 5 2019

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Clues Answers
'How great,' sarcastically OHJOY
'Immediately!' NOW
'Stat!' ASAP
'The Grapes of Wrath' migrator OKIE
'Touched by an Angel' actress Downey ROMA
'What's the ___?' DEAL
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'___ the Explorer' DORA
1993's ___ Accords OSLO
Advice much seen in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen BEAUTYTIPS
Ashtray item BUTT
Bit of dance instruction STEP
Black tea variety PEKOE
Bone smasher in the opening scene of '2001: A Space Odyssey' APE
Bread baked in a tandoor NAAN
Burglarize ROB
Calculations that may be given in square feet AREAS
Capitalize on USE
Contents of a Facebook feed NEWS
Conveyance for two TANDEMBIKE
Detest ABHOR
Directed LED
Edwards or Ramstein: Abbr AFB
Explorer ___ the Red ERIK
Fire ___ DRILL
Fortuneteller SEER
Frequently OFTEN
Fury IRE
Golf club designed to achieve loft WEDGE
Greek H's ETAS
Green outer layer of a statue PATINA
Hardly underplay EMOTE
Hoarse voice RASP
James who wrote 'A Death in the Family' AGEE
Kyle and Kenny's friend on 'South Park' STAN
Lacking a compass, say AMORAL
Lollipop-sucking character of 1970s TV KOJAK
Clues Answers
Low voice BASSO
McDonald's founder Ray KROC
Morning warning in a sailor's saying REDSKY
Movie role with range ... or what 17-, 24-, 39- and 51-Across each have? JUICYPART
Needle TEASE
Neighborhood neglected by local government SLUM
Noted holder of 1,093 U.S. patents EDISON
Object commonly worn by someone under house arrest ANKLEMONITOR
One making a scene outdoors LANDSCAPEARTIST
Operatic highlight ARIA
Pale ___ dot (Earth) BLUE
Pamper BABY
Part of a buck ANTLER
Pioneering arcade game company ATARI
Pop group whose name is also a rhyme scheme ABBA
Prefix meaning 'inner' ENDO
Producer of many compilation records KTEL
Put out, as a fire DOUSE
Qualified ABLE
Regarding ASTO
Rock experts? MINERS
Rotate about an axis, as a plane YAW
School fund-raising grp PTA
Sheep's sound BAA
Since forever INAGES
Source for restaurant reviews YELP
Soviet spy agcy KGB
Spanish Mrs SRA
Steal, in slang COP
TV anchor Tapper JAKE
Type of crustacean whose name means 'equal-footed' ISOPOD
Venus, for one ROMANGODDESS
What aftershave can do STING
Word before we or flush ROYAL
___ dish PETRI
___ Games (quadrennial event) PANAM
___ Xtra (soft drink) PIBB