Wall Street Journal - Nov 5 2019 - Frontrunners

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Clues Answers
“Rebecca” writer du Maurier DAPHNE
Additional MORE
Annie Lennox or Sheena Easton SCOT
Anthropoid animals APES
Belonging to the lady HERS
Biceps builders CHINUPS
Brit. flying group RAF
Burn with a sudden intensity FLARE
Campaigner found in the fronts of words of the four long Across answers POL
Canadian flag feature LEAF
Cart puller MULE
Cholesterol-controlling drug STATIN
City of southwestern Honshu HIROSHIMA
City south of Salt Lake City PROVO
Completely false story PACKOFLIES
Concert stage sights AMPS
Diamond of songs NEIL
Express alternative LOCAL
Feature of many a flannel shirt PLAID
Field protectors TARPS
Give off EMIT
Green and Mendes EVAS
Hit the sauce TIPPLE
Hits bottom? SPANKS
Hoppy libation ALE
It beats scissors ROCK
Item in a Scrabble rack TILE
Jeer at TAUNT
Judge’s concern POINTOFLAW
Junk, e.g SHIP
Lacking a key, musically ATONAL
Libertine ROUE
Long-eared creature HARE
Makes unreadable, in a way SHREDS
Moderate pace TROT
Clues Answers
Museum focus ART
Neatnik offender MESS
Number system base TEN
Paragon ICON
Pastel shade LILAC
Put in the fridge COOLED
Real estate chunk PARCELOFLAND
Restaurant kitchen work PREP
Rodeo ropes LASSOS
Sch. support group PTA
Scruff NAPE
Serengeti family PRIDEOFLIONS
Sign of freshness? SLAP
Skin care brand OLAY
Sleeve fillers ARMS
Slippery surface ICE
Some leases forbid them PETS
Sophisticated elegance CLASS
Source of some Sicilian smoke ETNA
Standard weekend TWODAYS
Strait-laced PRIM
Summer Olympics host between London and Tokyo RIO
Sunrise direction, in Spain ESTE
Tests of performance TRIALRUNS
Title documents DEEDS
Tooth part ROOT
Top-notch AONE
Topper with a creased crown FEDORA
Track of an animal SPOOR
Traveler’s stop INN
Unadorned PLAIN
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Vain activities EGOTRIPS
You and I, e.g PRONOUNS
___-Tiki KON