Universal - Nov 4 2019

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Clues Answers
"All ___!" ABOARD
"August: ___ County" OSAGE
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Oscar winner Malek RAMI
"Cool!" NEAT
"I'll take it from here" LETME
"Long time no ___!" SEE
*"Fame" singer IRENECARA
*Eowyn's portrayer in "The Lord of the Rings" movies MIRANDAOTTO
*Tangy fish dish LEMONSOLE
*Very behind schedule, as a payment LONGPASTDUE
Altar promise IDO
Apple desktop MAC
Behind schedule LATE
Braid of hair PLAIT
Braying equines ASSES
Brooklyn's ___ Island CONEY
Cardinals, on scoreboards STL
Charity supporters DONORS
Chips go-with SALSA
Christmas, in Chamonix NOEL
City south of Scottsdale TEMPE
Cook lightly in a pan SAUTE
Cross-legged yoga position LOTUS
Curved sword SABER
Danny of "Taxi" DEVITO
Digital music source ITUNES
Eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids ROE
Feel out of sorts AIL
Firefox destination SITE
Fronts of planes NOSES
Furtive attention-getter PSST
Gaseous mist VAPOR
Genre that Lil Nas X mixes with country RAP
Give off a strong odor REEK
Give the go-ahead ALLOW
Gold may be extracted from it ORE
Grunting females SOWS
Hair care brand AVEDA
Impassive STOLID
Clues Answers
In any way ATALL
Inch or foot UNIT
Inquire ASK
Kitchen wrap brand SARAN
Lagoon enclosures ATOLLS
Language that the starred answers' ends are also words in ITALIAN
Lawn-trimming tools EDGERS
Left Turn ___ (road sign) ONLY
Light in color PALE
Messy types SLOBS
Moderate pace TROT
Moody rock genre EMO
Mug hoisted during Oktoberfest STEIN
News show slant BIAS
Obama health law, for short ACA
Obstacles in an all-star cast EGOS
Oscar night ride LIMO
Peg for a drive TEE
Resting places TOMBS
Say yes ASSENT
Shoelace problem KNOT
Singer Brickell EDIE
Smith student WOMAN
Somber toll KNELL
Sport known as football in many countries SOCCER
Store inventory IDs UPCS
Super cute, slangily ADORBS
Tax cheat's worry AUDIT
Tiny morsel CRUMB
Took part in a race RAN
Top-of-the-line BEST
Tuscan cathedral city SIENA
Two-piece swimsuits BIKINIS
Very much ALOT
Went to court? WOOED
When a natural night light goes down MOONSET
___ box (Japanese lunch container) BENTO