The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 575 - Oct 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Bishop with group BAND
Brief period in deficit SHORTAGE
Briefly glance at top winter sports competitor SKIJUMPER
Cast her in long opera LOHENGRIN
Cheeky rascal, pupil throwing stone IMPUDENT
Coming from moor, bitterns fly round in a circle ORBIT
Common sense required to enclose right legal document WRIT
Damage includes eastern women's quarters HAREM
Fielder's slight error SLIP
Food source for so long FAREWELL
Game in Los Angeles annoyed last in league LACROSSE
Grand words of rector I spread round hospital RHETORIC
I deliver cards for model IDEAL
Influence western rowing crew WEIGHT
Intellectual ability shown by supporter in control BRAINPOWER
Clues Answers
Level cup match, then opener for Rovers TIER
Liberal English lot backing rave TOLERANT
Logic of the Parisian depressed by desert island RATIONALE
Mean to entertain the man, eventually INTHEEND
One caring about lack of knowledge IGNORANCE
Presenter given an endless task ANCHOR
Racehorse runs on land used for hunting CHASER
Recalled top of fancy Welsh emblem DAFFODIL
Resentful disparagement of us by Greek mimic on board SOURGRAPES
Rex, on a dock, finds sword RAPIER
Slightly mocking about tea brewed that's tasteless WATERY
Snag affected church HITCH
The Spanish boy brought back three times as much TREBLE
Thoroughly depressed on terrible ghetto beat DOWNTOTHEGROUND