L.A. Times Daily - Nov 3 2019

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Clues Answers
"'I __ you liked your drink,' sez Gunga Din" OPE
"Go __ Watchman": Harper Lee novel SETA
"Golly!" WOW
"Inferno" part CANTO
"L.A. Law" actress DEY
"Manic" time in a 1986 hit MONDAY
"That's how it __!" GOES
"You __ here" ARE
"__ a stinker?": Bugs Bunny AINTI
'50s TV innovation COLOR
18th/19th-century agricultural innovation COTTONGIN
Abundant greens? BUNNYHOPE
Actress Anouk AIMEE
Aggressive tie feature? POWERSTRIPE
Alike, in Arles EGAL
Appropriate for versification POETIC
Army-forming insect ANT
Asset in a crisis COOLHEAD
Audition cry NEXT
Basilica display MOSAIC
Baskin-Robbins buy CONE
Becoming a full-grown dog? PUPPYFATE
Bento box staple RICE
Branch of Islam SHIA
Called from a sty OINKED
Catholic leader appealing to a younger demographic? TEENPOPE
Challenge to "You're wrong!" AMI
Clinches ICES
Coiffure created using a mirror? SELFMADEMANE
Coll. major ENG
Common adolescent affliction ACNE
Convenient, as shopping ONESTOP
Convert to ready money CASHIN
Coordinate audio and video SYNC
Derisive looks SNEERS
Dogie catcher LASSO
Downed ATE
Ejection OUSTER
Emotion linked to schadenfreude ENVY
Establish firmly ENROOT
Events with vandalism RIOTS
Extremity END
Flexible Flyers, e.g SLEDS
Frequent auto race sponsor STP
Frighten DAUNT
Fruit served in balls MELON
Full-__: purebred BLOODED
Game with plenty of kicks SOCCER
Geological period EON
Goddess of peace IRENE
Gown complement CAP
Grass used on some golf greens FESCUE
Heavenly body with a tail COMET
Horse hue ROAN
House of Lords group PEERAGE
In a hurry, maybe IMPATIENT
Inborn NATAL
Jazz guitarist Montgomery WES
Krishna, for Vishnu AVATAR
Leaning Tower site PISA
Leave out, in speech ELIDE
Letters on a tap IPA
Like a monkey SIMIAN
Little dogs TOYS
Longing YEN
Clues Answers
Luck, to the Bard HAP
Manhattan Project projects ATESTS
Middling grades CEES
More than exhaust OVERTAX
Mount with carved heads RUSHMORE
Much party food SNACKS
Nailed ACED
Names (to) APPOINTS
Night before EVE
Not Rep. or Dem IND
Offer more than OUTBID
OKC-to-Tulsa dir ENE
Ominous DIRE
One of a Biblical 150 PSALM
One often seen in a parlor PIANO
One on foot, in signs PED
Otherwise IFNOT
Paper cut cries OWS
Parks with games ARENAS
Part of Xerxes I's realm, nowadays IRAN
Period ERA
Pharma offerings MEDS
Places to buy stamps: Abbr POS
Plane figure PILOT
Pleased GLAD
Pollen producer STAMEN
PR firm's forte SPIN
Psychological wounds TRAUMAS
Quaint stopover INN
Reactions to mosquitoes SWATS
Refusals NOS
Result of a hotel sprinkler malfunction? WETSUITE
Romanticized 18th-century highwayman Dick TURPIN
Ronnie of the Ronettes SPECTOR
Rwanda's capital KIGALI
Sad Rogaine result? DOWNPATE
School support gps PTAS
Settings for many ghost stories CAMPFIRES
Sheep tender HERDSMAN
Sizable MASSY
Sleazy bar offering? INSTANTWINE
Slender bit of stemware FLUTE
Slim candle TAPER
Small size PETITE
Soft leathers SUEDES
Some pvt. equity ventures LBOS
Strongly favoring one side PARTISAN
Superhero beachwear? SWIMMINGCAPE
Surprised greeting OHHI
Tats INK
Termination DEMISE
Title Brooklyn lawyer in an Alabama courtroom VINNY
Topper for a tiny barn? MINIVANE
Two trios SESTET
U.S. number-issuing agcy SSA
Vampire's undoing STAKE
Wall et al.: Abbr STS
Want as a price ASK
Where sailors go TOSEA
Window coolers ACS
Wise advisers SAGES
Word with stick or ball CUE
Workout ctrs YMCAS
WWII carrier LST