- Nov 3 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . __ the custom'' ASIS
''Apparently . . .'' ITSEEMS
''Craft'' brew ALE
''Garfield'' canine ODIE
''Green'' prefix ECO
''Heck,'' for instance MINCEDOATH
''Oh no!'' YIKES
''That ticks me off!'' IMSORE
''__ lift?'' NEEDA
''__ never fly!'' ITLL
77 Down collector RAG
Academic settings CAMPUSES
Account exec REP
Annual milestone, for short BDAY
Arrival announcement IMADEIT
Art on walls MURALS
As long as WHILE
Bagel-like roll BIALY
Bangkok tongue THAI
Bangkok's locale ASIA
Banjo accessory PICK
Bat-making machine LATHE
Battery category ALKALINE
Be fooling KID
Braying beast ASS
Bride's pride DRESS
Canine cry HOWL
Capote nickname TRU
Carne __ (Mexican grilled meat) ASADA
Cash advances LOANS
Certain tenor solo ARIA
Charitable gifts ALMS
City near West Palm BOCA
City south of Milan GENOA
Click the back-arrow icon UNDO
Club assessment DUES
Coleridge contemporary KEATS
College buildings HALLS
Collide with RAMINTO
Come after ENSUE
Come after CHASE
Common vacation rental CAR
Country singer Tillis PAM
Criticism, some say FAINTPRAISE
Crooked card game MONTE
Cruiser's speed measure KNOT
Dame __ Mirren HELEN
Dish (out) METE
Electrical expenditure USAGE
Emporium walkway AISLE
Entry points GATEWAYS
Entry points PORTALS
European erupter ETNA
Everglades mammal MANATEE
Exodus edibles MANNA
Expenders of many BTUs ACS
FDR, but not TR DEM
Feeling sore ACHY
Filled with frost WINTRY
Film student's deg MFA
First appeared AROSE
Florentine ''You're welcome!'' PREGO
Fly the coop BOLT
Further along, in a document BELOW
Gambler's risk reducer HEDGEDBET
Generational separator AGEGAP
Get used (to) INURE
Gibson or Brooks MEL
Govt. air monitor EPA
Granola grain OAT
Hair curlers IRONS
Hawker's talk SPIEL
Hertz alternative AVIS
Clues Answers
Household accumulation DUST
IM Pei alma mater MIT
It might be ''on canvas'' OIL
Ivy League member YALE
Just slightly ATAD
Legal gig CASE
Lessen, with ''down'' DIAL
Magnates TYCOONS
Maximally atypical ODDEST
Meeting handouts AGENDAS
Meeting-room stand EASEL
Menu phrase ALA
Milton Hershey colleague REESE
Modernize a room REMODEL
Momentous FATEFUL
Moral lapse SIN
More than ready EAGER
Move gingerly EASE
Muscles above abs PECS
Name evoking ''Respect'' ARETHA
News sources MEDIA
Not much of an attempt MINIMALEFFORT
Nutritional choices DIET
One in Attila's army HUN
One-stripe GIs PFCS
Oomph PEP
Oral hygiene org ADA
Org. with Open events PGA
Ounce fraction DRAM
Outdoor outfitter Bauer EDDIE
Parisian water EAU
Passover feast SEDER
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Periodic payment STIPEND
Phony coin SLUG
Physics class equation LAW
Piano piece LEG
Pick up on HEAR
Place for a PC DESKTOP
Pleasantly diverting FUN
Prone to wear EROSIVE
Punch servers LADLES
Quaint complaint PSHAW
Quite a lot OFTEN
Quite a lot MANY
Raiment ATTIRE
Reception ritual SMALLTALK
Regarding ASTO
Reply lacking enthusiasm MUTEDRESPONSE
Reunion attendee AUNT
Royal Cavalry weapon SABRE
Seaside nook INLET
Settled accounts PAIDUP
Shakespearean stir ADO
Show sorrow or joy WEEP
Show surprise, say REACT
Small choir OCTET
Spacecraft's success SOFTLANDING
Sporty Mazda model MIATA
Starter for modern ULTRA
Starter like ante- PRE
Timberlake's former boy band NSYNC
Tire gauge meas PSI
Transmit SEND
Undue influence PRESSURE
Unsuccessful entrant ALSORAN
Urgent requests PLEAS
Vatican's __ Chapel SISTINE
Venue for vows ALTAR
What cogs contain TEETH
Whispered lines ASIDES
Word to the wise, perhaps SUBTLEHINT
__ serif typeface SANS