Wall Street Journal - Nov 2 2019 - Learning to Be a Politician

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Clues Answers
“A Writer’s Life” memoirist TALESE
“Bleeding Love” singer Lewis LEONA
“Hamilton” writer, to his friends LIN
“Let me think about that...” HMM
“Mack the Knife” composer WEILL
“Picnic” playwright INGE
“The Fog of War” subject MCNAMARA
Absolute idealism proponent HEGEL
Affordability factor COST
Aguilera, to her fans XTINA
Airwaves, informally ETHER
Asks too many questions PRIES
Bad beginning MAL
Bad party guests BOORS
Barber’s blunder NICK
Below, to bards NEATH
Bet with a big payoff TRIFECTA
Big lugs OAFS
Bio. and chem SCIS
Blacked out UNLIT
Burrito’s brother TAMALE
Calls on USES
Capital of Canada? CEE
Caramel candies ROLOS
Central part CORE
Chicago exchange, for short MERC
Curriculum for a left-leaning politician? LIBERALEDUCATION
Dances done with castanets BOLEROS
Dean’s world ACADEME
Decides OPTS
Did an impression of APED
Does some museum work RESTORES
Dolby system STEREO
Dot of color FLECK
Dugout fixtures BENCHES
Feature of many Homer paintings SEA
Food fight noises SPLATS
Forward PERT
Frank McCourt book TIS
Gives a break SPELLS
Good memories UPTIMES
GPS heading ENE
Green shade LIME
Gregg Allman’s brother DUANE
Gretzky of the NHL or Moon of the NFL EXOILER
Heavenly strings HARP
Hirsch of “Into the Wild” EMILE
Home of Iowa State AMES
Home runs, in slang TATERS
Hound handle FIDO
Hounds’ quarries HARES
Included in the email chain CCED
Instruction for a future congressperson? HOUSETRAINING
Intention AIM
It’s a long story SAGA
It’s broken by the hungry FAST
JFK guess ETA
Kitchen injuries BURNS
Lawn mower brand TORO
Leading ONTOP
Lessons for budget management? ECONOMYCLASS
Lessons on managing a financial crisis? CRASHCOURSE
Like a better bet SURER
Like city real estate ZONED
Lose one’s temper YELL
Lucifer epithet EVILONE
Mail deliverer in the wizarding world OWL
Many university profs PHDS
McCartney mate STARR
Clues Answers
Monologuist Mort SAHL
Muddled along FARED
Myanmar, before BURMA
National competition AVIS
Noggins BEANS
Not much, in terms of color ATINGE
Now, in Nicaragua AHORA
Oktoberfest toast PROSIT
Orchestral gong TAMTAM
Pamphlet FLYER
Pea stabber TINE
Periodic table fig ATNO
Perjury confession ILIED
Pilgrim’s destination SHRINE
Plow into RAM
Practice exercises on being in charge? POWERDRILLS
Prefix with suppression IMMUNO
Prize for Reba, for short CMA
Promise breaker RENEGER
Pub contest fodder TRIVIA
Raccoon feature MASK
Rear-___ (auto accident) ENDER
Reduce to rags TATTER
Regretted the last trip to the buffet OVERATE
Rug rat TOT
Run-down SEEDY
Seminar for politicians who want to appear humble? MODESTYPANEL
Shady card dealer’s maneuver FALSECUT
Shake awake ROUSE
Shoulder muscles, for short DELTS
Show runners, often CREATORS
Skating category PAIRS
Slip away from ELUDE
Smacking sound MWAH
Souvenir stand purchase TSHIRT
Spies may wear them WIRES
Spiral-horned ruminant ELAND
Sports Illustrated’s 1984 Sportswoman of the Year RETTON
Statement of beliefs CREDO
Studied before breaking into CASED
Successful without assistance SELFMADE
Surveying unit ACRE
The Hadean, the Archean and the Proterozoic, e.g EONS
The Hill, for Congress, and Foggy Bottom, for the State Department METONYMS
The Horsehead, the Boomerang and the Tarantula, e.g NEBULAE
Their tails point away from the sun COMETS
They might be hosed RIOTERS
Tie up TRUSS
Toss out CHUCK
Tubular sandwich WRAP
Turkish general AGA
Two-way, as a door INOUT
Veers suddenly ZAGS
Veil material TULLE
Weapon for an Olympian EPEE
Went like the dickens TORE
What hot dogs do PANT
Where a politician can learn how to win the presidency? ELECTORALCOLLEGE
Where to learn how to be nominated? PRIMARYSCHOOL
Whirl of water EDDY
Winery visitors TASTERS
Winter Olympics event SLALOM
With the fewest flaws PUREST
Woman with a title PEERESS
Words accompanying a lightbulb going on OHIGETIT
Words after most, best or first OFALL
Words with binge or budget ONA
___-Locka, Florida OPA