The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8112

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Clues Answers
Actual, not imagined REAL
Attendance; spirit PRESENCE
Breed of horse ARAB
Conclusively settle (a deal) CLINCH
Corpse BODY
Furnace, oven KILN
Immerse in liquid SOAK
Impede, burden ENCUMBER
In a tin CANNED
Item hung up at Christmas STOCKING
Musical instrument CONCERTINA
Clues Answers
Naming word NOUN
Rastafarian hairstyle DREADLOCKS
Region of France NORMANDY
Relating to education ACADEMIC
Relating to persuasive speaking RHETORICAL
Shivering fever AGUE
Southeast Asian country CAMBODIA
Submissive, biddable OBEDIENT
Theoretical; summary ABSTRACT
Trade goods BARTER
Twelve months YEAR
Vitamin NIACIN