- Nov 1 2019

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Clues Answers
''If you ask me'' shorthand IMO
Alaskan souvenir TOTEM
Alternative nickname to Beth LIZ
Batter to an ump's right LEFTY
Battler circa 1901 BOER
Botanical ascending axis STEM
Bronco show RODEO
Bulb that blooms IRIS
Capital of Portugal EURO
Certain Rockies people UTES
Chocolate syrup brand BOSCO
Civil War general Doubleday ABNER
College World Series org NCAA
Comfortable bed of metaphor ROSES
Comics ''Ouch!'' OOF
Company covering meds HMO
Connors contemporary ASHE
Defensive trench MOAT
Diary page intro, perhaps DEARME
Diminutive ending in music ETTA
Disco's '30s ancestor SWINGDANCE
Discourage by finger-wagging CHIDE
Do a dairy job HOMOGENIZE
DVD preceder VHS
eBay seller's upload IMAGE
Envelope-pushing EDGY
Established, as a habit USUAL
Fan favorites IDOLS
Far below fine POOR
Federal snoop group CIA
Field with figures MATH
Geologic time measure EON
Gig fraction MEG
High-pH compound ALKALI
Hoo preceder WOO
Clues Answers
Impel URGE
Isn't proud of RUES
It's a shore thing CRAB
It's over your head SKY
Jargon suffix ESE
Joins forces TEAMS
Military tech development agcy DARPA
Mock-laugh sound NYUK
Most-spoken language of India HINDI
NL team named for a snake ARI
Nonstick cookware name TFAL
Not functioning IDLE
Of lofty dignity PROUD
Optimistic offer ILLTRY
Overdone but amusing CAMPY
Passover casserole KUGEL
Pennzoil rival STP
Picasso's passion AMOR
Polite title MADAM
Prefix meaning ''revived'' NEO
Railroad car stowaway HOBO
Regular exerciser GYMRAT
Robust HALE
Royal Navy designation HMS
Second-guesser's question ORISIT
Solemn ''yes'' IDO
Start of an exercise admonition USEIT
Street market booth STALL
Think carefully MUSE
Throw out or threw out CAST
Travels like a flying squirrel GLIDES
Trio times three NONET
Under-the-chin instrument VIOLA
Verdi masterwork AIDA
Water conduit DUCT
Water off WA PAC
Web designer's code HTML
Weighty reading TOME
YouTube tutorial series, e.g VLOG