The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Alphabet characters LETTERS
American symbol EAGLE
Auld son upset vents frustration UNLOADS
Blind actors behind this? CURTAIN
Brazilian resort RIO
Break off SEVER
Cash from penny-pinching son MEANS
Covered small hardened cases INSURED
Curries cooked in vessel CRUISER
Cut not totally cruel SEVER
Discharges cargo UNLOADS
Earthly paradise shangri-la
Eastern gale troubled bird EAGLE
Eat away ERODE
English composer ELGAR
Fast warship CRUISER
Fast, the Italian's pulse LENTIL
Furious LIVID
Gain altitude ASCEND
Giant in forest wore odd pants REDWOOD
Girl has an unusually lovely place shangri-la
Golfing assistant CADDIE
Gracefully thin SLENDER
How not to run a ship? AGROUND
Clues Answers
Landlords repaired trestle LETTERS
Late afternoon EVENING
Meat for each picnic basket HAMPER
Pitch TAR
Pokes fun at exams MOCKS
Quivering has me not as bold SHAMELESS
Rascal ROGUE
Rebellion curtailed in city RIO
Remote South Bank? SLENDER
Rider is v. poor unfortunately PROVISO
Ridicules MOCKS
Ridiculously large music-maker ELGAR
Rotter to fail club porter CADDIE
Sailor in boat arriving TAR
Scene cut in ad to reach higher level ASCEND
Scottish palace SCONE
Scoundrel smudges rouge ROGUE
Second ice-cream and cake SCONE
Some hero demons wear down ERODE
Steven in group keeps time later EVENING
Stipulation PROVISO
Swindled (informal) STUNG
Tall conifer REDWOOD
Underwritten INSURED
Wherewithal MEANS
Wild bit in Broccoli video LIVID
Wounded antelope rolls under stone STUNG