The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1474

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Clues Answers
A politician following leader of Conservative party CAMP
Arts graduate turns to jelly and bread rolls BAGELS
Aware of our originally visiting tavern in on
Back in Galloway, having left without permission AWOL
Ceased holding tabloid: it’s come apart DISUNITED
Cleans different pews one sits in WIPES
Difficult and unusual burials, with nothing going in twice LABORIOUS
Huge body of Dallas character holding up short item JUPITER
I hold what’s been laid on the table? EGGCUP
In tropical, oriental parts there’s some heat! CALORIE
Nick the match LUCIFER
Nicola, awfully cold and saying little LACONIC
Old religious warrior, more primitive, around S Africa CRUSADER
Clues Answers
Osier: dry, withered and pathetic DERISORY
Physical exercises right for each PER
Pose without shirt? Don’t do that! stop it
Puss, moving to catch part of bird, surges UPSWINGS
Rubbish very loudly placed in heap PIFFLE
Second of broadcasts, live, far from well done RARE
Someone beaming, heading off track athlete? MILER
Stan’s partner not finishing ancient fairy story OLLIE
They’re for raising flags JACKS
Trail thus coming north arriving at African city LAGOS
Truck landed carrying silver WAGON
US university rugby forward providing form of security yale lock
Wages have gone up? That’s barking! YAP