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Clues Answers
'All for Love' playwright John DRYDEN
'Dies —' (Latin hymn) IRAE
'Eww, mice!' EEK
'Slippery' tree ELM
'— a vacation!' INEED
100% ALL
13-digit publishing ID ISBN
1920s U.S. veep Charles DAWES
Acct. accrual INT
Andy Capp's missus FLO
Arena part TIER
Arouse the interest of INTRIGUE
Aspire to high goals AIMFORTHESTARS
Attach, as a boutonniere PINON
Auntie — (pretzel bakery chain) ANNES
Bakery units LOAVES
Beards on barley AWNS
Big initials in fashion YSL
Big top, e.g TENT
Blue Jays, on a scoreboard TOR
Boding sign OMEN
Body part over the eyes BROW
Bog grass REED
Brand of fat replacer OLEAN
Bringer of a legal action SUER
Bucking ride BRONC
Car ding DENT
Castro of Cuba RAUL
Catty remark BARB
Cavalry weapons LANCES
Celestial bear URSA
Cereal associated with seven key words in this puzzle LUCKYCHARMS
CNN anchor Burnett ERIN
Composer Charles IVES
Conical shelters TEPEES
Consist of ARE
Cruel ruler in 'Alice in Wonderland' QUEENOFHEARTS
Del Rio of old Hollywood DOLORES
Deposits LAYS
Dickens' Uriah HEEP
Dots on sea maps ISLES
Drab hue OLIVE
Enchants ENAMORS
Erupted BLEW
Experts PROS
Fast Italian whirling dance TARANTELLA
Fend (off) STAVE
Finales ENDS
Financial adviser Suze ORMAN
Folkie Phil OCHS
For a very long time INMANYMOONS
Gag reaction HAHA
Gem often on a string PEARL
Get ringers and leaners PITCHHORSESHOES
Getting a regular paycheck ONSALARY
GI show sponsor USO
Give a very bad review of PAN
Goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Good-fortune symbols FOURLEAFCLOVERS
Grassy turfs SODS
Having mixed feelings AMBIVALENT
Here, in Cannes ICI
High-ranking clergyman PRELATE
Historic start? PRE
Home of St. Teresa AVILA
Horror film sequel of 2005 SAWII
How a nation with nukes is armed ATOMICALLY
Hugs, in a letter OOO
Icy treat SHERBET
Illicit affair AMOUR
Clues Answers
In a disturbed way UNEASILY
John, James or Judas APOSTLE
Just barely ATAD
Killer whales ORCAS
Kosovo inhabitants SERBS
LAX info ETA
Like grads' caps TASSELED
Listens to a broadcast TUNESIN
Memorizing process ROTE
Men-only ALLMALE
Mental fog HAZE
Military flutes FIFES
Monte — CARLO
More lucid SANER
Nabisco bite OREO
Native Alaskan INUIT
Neck back NAPE
Needle case ETUI
Nintendo consoles WIIS
Nor's partner NEITHER
Not fulfilled, as a goal UNMET
Offers BIDS
Oil rig parts PUMPS
Old family name in violinmaking AMATI
Old Greek harp players LYRISTS
Old JFK jet SST
One-named singer who was a muse for Andy Warhol NICO
Papa's mate MAMA
Part of QandA ANSWER
People cuddling up NESTLERS
Piddling MERE
Place to set one's sights TARGETAREA
Previous spouses EXES
Pursue impossible dreams CHASERAINBOWS
Put a ban on PROHIBIT
Round hammer part PEEN
Salamander NEWT
Samoan island where Robert Louis Stevenson died UPOLU
Sci-fi writer Asimov ISAAC
Seek the love of WOO
Sinuous swimmers EELS
Skewered meat dishes KABOBS
Small demon IMP
Some theater awards OBIES
State, in Cannes ETAT
Stick around STAY
Subpar grades DEES
Succinct PITHY
Suffering a flu symptom ACHY
Swab brand QTIP
Swindle CON
Tablet PILL
Taking place in cyberspace VIRTUAL
Terre — HAUTE
Terrifying dino TREX
The Far and the Near? EASTS
Their passengers stand in baskets HOTAIRBALLOONS
Think (over) MULL
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tiny letter flourishes SERIFS
Titled man SIR
Topic to debate ISSUE
Torah temple SHUL
Vaults LEAPS
Ventriloquist Lewis SHARI
Volkswagen sedan model PASSAT
Wapiti ELK
With no muss or fuss NEATLY
— Moines River DES