USA Today - Dec 19 2019

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Clues Answers
'All ___ day's work' INA
'Anyone there?' HELLO
'Do ___ others . . .' UNTO
'Eww, stop talking!' TMI
'Have fun!' ENJOY
'Knew it!' AHA
'Messenger' or 'transfer' letters RNA
'River' singer Mitchell JONI
'The Purple People ___' EATER
'They don't think it be ___ it is, but it do' (Oscar Gamble LIKE
'You go, goalie!' OLE
15th-century Peruvian INCA
1946-1964 birth BOOMER
46-Across, for one GOD
A single time ONCE
Actor Centineo NOAH
Aptitude TALENT
Biked, say RODE
Boxer in the documentary 'What's My Name' ALI
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Casino city near Lake Tahoe RENO
Combine ADD
Cover with asphalt PAVE
Curved-guard swords SABERS
Dashed RAN
Defeat by a small margin EDGE
Desperate appeal PLEA
Distributed DEALTOUT
E-bike alternative SCOOTER
Falsehoods LIES
Far from elevated LOW
Final part END
Fun learning tool EDUCATIONALTOY
Geologic stretches ERAS
Good and honest SALTOFTHEEARTH
Good's opponent EVIL
Group of Girl Scouts TROOP
Husband of Frigg, in Norse mythology ODIN
Clues Answers
Interpersonal distancing RIFT
It might end in tears LAUGHTER
Jessica of 'Honey' ALBA
Kappa Alpha Psi, e.g., for short FRAT
Legume in masoor dal LENTIL
Like some of the characters on 'The Casagrandes' LATINO
Like some paper LINED
Make available for purchase SELL
Many Instagram posts SELFIES
Messes up GOOFS
Not out of the running ALIVE
Org. that merged with the CIO in 1955 AFL
Part of a horse HOOF
Parts of drum kits SNARES
Perform excellently SLAY
Person from Anchorage ALASKAN
Phone sound RING
Phone sound DIALTONE
Pie ___ mode ALA
Piercing site NAVEL
Reason for seasonal shots FLU
Reward for a dog TREAT
Since ASOF
Singer Bareilles SARA
Skiing surface SNOW
Slimy side OKRA
Small nocturnal bird OWLET
Song that's hard to get out of your head EARWORM
Strongly opposed AVERSE
Subject of the Nicole Chung memoir 'All You Can Ever Know' ADOPTION
Swedish furniture chain that owns TaskRabbit IKEA
They negate nays YEAS
To's opposite FRO
Two-digit prime ELEVEN
Validate AFFIRM
Wager BET
Was defeated by LOSTTO
Yawn-evoking person BORE
___ Aviv TEL