Wall Street Journal - Oct 28 2019 - Seeing Dings

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Clues Answers
“Able was I ___ I saw Elba” ERE
“Of course!” SURE
“Pomp and Circumstance” composer ELGAR
“Tidying Up With ___ Kondo” (decluttering show) MARIE
“Uh-huh!” YEAH
Add value to ENHANCE
Against the law ILLICIT
Became depleted GAVEOUT
Become edible, as fruit RIPEN
Big butte MESA
Bit of snow FLAKE
Blacksmith’s workplace FORGE
Blight on the landscape EYESORE
Brewed beverage TEA
Cancels a proofreading mark STETS
Characters on-screen but unseen HIDDENTEXT
Chick’s mother HEN
Clarinetist’s need REED
Country north of Namibia ANGOLA
Culinary pros CHEFS
Dachshund, for one DOG
Danson of “The Good Place” TED
Doc for dachshunds VET
East Indies tourist destination BALI
Eliminated a gray area, in a way DYED
Exacta or trifecta BET
Expected DUE
Famous advice for a young man GOWEST
Finish of many a URL COM
Fish market need ICE
Follows as a result ENSUES
Four-star officer: Abbr GEN
Gets older AGES
Grain in granola OAT
Hack off LOP
Hail fellow? CAESAR
Hamilton’s bill TEN
Hubbub ADO
Clues Answers
Impoverished area SLUM
Industrious insects ANTS
Irritated NETTLED
Lamb’s mother EWE
Laughable SILLY
Lead-in to a mate, perhaps ENDGAME
Love affair ROMANCE
Love, in Lyon AMOUR
Midas’s gift GOLDENTOUCH
Mistaken OFFBASE
Motion picture prize OSCAR
Mummy chamber TOMB
New car attraction SMELL
Nonresident doctor EXTERN
Org. for Grizzlies and Timberwolves NBA
Org. that presents the Awards for Canine Excellence AKC
Oz. and lb WTS
Pop’s mom NANA
Price-fixing coalitions CARTELS
Pride flag’s inspiration RAINBOW
Sacred song HYMN
Sailor’s assent AYE
Scratch pads? ATMS
Scratch the surface, and what both words in 17-, 26-, 55- and 65-Across literally do MAKEADENT
Send out EMIT
Singer Orbison ROY
Spade, for one GARDENTOOL
Spirit in a fizz SLOEGIN
Starfish’s setting SEA
Stars’ setting SKY
Superlative suffix EST
Timeworn phrases CLICHES
Two, in Tijuana DOS
Type of bomb or clock ATOMIC
Watch from concealment SPYON
Watts of “The Impossible” NAOMI
Writer of fables AESOP
[That’s no typo] SIC