The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8107

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Clues Answers
African country UGANDA
Alcoholic drink EGGNOG
Be wide open GAPE
Canine DOG
Christmas decoration yule log
Employ, hire ENGAGE
Expression of surprise GEE
Fork point PRONG
Heathland shrub GORSE
Intermediary go-between
Kindly; not harmful BENIGN
Late venue NIGHTCLUB
Leg of mutton or lamb GIGOT
Like some monsters bug-eyed
Clues Answers
Live performance; carriage GIG
Looking backwards NOSTALGIC
Mountain; composer BERG
Natural fertiliser GUANO
Nazi secret police GESTAPO
Powerful boat TUG
Projectile launcher BLOWGUN
Release from confinement UNCAGE
Soviet labour camp GULAG
Surrounded by AMONG
Throwing stick BOOMERANG
Unthinkingly eager gung-ho
US state; country GEORGIA
West African country NIGERIA