- Oct 27 2019

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Clues Answers
''Cats'' monogram TSE
''New to you'' USED
''The Lion King'' villain SCAR
''The Plague'' author CAMUS
''Too rich for my blood'' IMOUT
A third of ''neun'' DREI
Abodes HOMES
Actress Hayek SALMA
Amounts outstanding BALANCES
Arsonist FIREBUG
Barbecue, say ROAST
Battle bosses BRASS
Battle line FRONT
Battlefield ARENA
Belfast-born IRISH
Biblical utopia EDEN
Big name in blush ESTEE
Blockbuster boast ALLSTARCAST
Bret of gold rush stories HARTE
Bring up REAR
Came forth EMANATED
Cash in Cancún PESOS
Caspian sharer with 25 Across IRAN
Certain American accent NASALTWANG
Certain ID checker TSAAGENT
Closes in on NEARS
Clue suspect MRGREEN
Comedian Carvey DANA
Common Facebook posting STATUS
Concierge employer HOTEL
Cone holders PINES
Conjure up EVOKE
Contradictory shout LIAR
Couldn't take HATED
Courage HEART
Crew team members OARS
Crime story plot CAPER
Cube-hopping video game QBERT
Defensive rings MOATS
Designate NAME
Designer Kamali NORMA
Devotee FAN
Director DuVernay AVA
Dolphins' home MIAMI
Downed, as a donut ATE
Felling fellows AXMEN
Fellow of refinement GENT
Fend (off) STAVE
Fighting force foray FLANKATTACK
Final Four org NCAA
Finch family creator LEE
Fish Nash rhymed with ''meals'' EELS
Fresh talk SASS
Friend of Piglet EEYORE
Frog-in-throat sound RASP
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Hiker's nosh TRAILMIX
Home to 4+ billion ASIA
Homie PAL
Honey beverage MEAD
Hoodlum GOON
How some prefer peanuts UNSALTED
HS auxiliaries PTAS
Inflexible, as a rule HARDANDFAST
Innermost area CORE
Instill with new energy RECHARGE
Is distinctive STANDSAPART
Isn't daunted DARES
Jazz pianist Blake EUBIE
Large diving ducks CANVASBACKS
London art gallery TATE
Clues Answers
Ltr. enclosures SASES
Making possible ENABLING
Mideast airline ELAL
Minimal moisture DROP
More admirable FINER
Mosque leader IMAM
Moved along a curve ARCED
Myers' spouse in ''Shrek'' DIAZ
Mythical hunter DIANA
Name that means ''born again'' RENEE
Obliterate ERASE
One way to cook FRY
One way to cook SEAR
Online payment option ECASH
Ornate tapestry ARRAS
Oscar actor Brody ADRIEN
Outdoor blackboard info MENU
Palm tree berry ACAI
Parting words TAKECARE
Pasta in minestrone ORZO
Piped up SPOKE
Pleased expression GRIN
Pretenses SHAMS
Put to __ (decide on democratically) AVOTE
Quit trying BAGIT
Racing sleds LUGES
Radio button AMFM
Rather long time YEARS
Reach in total RUNTO
Realty documents DEEDS
Reduces, as intensity SLAKES
Renders a number SINGS
Russian-born artist MARCCHAGALL
S&L customers ACCTS
Sack time SLEEP
Salt Lake City team UTES
Seismic episode QUAKE
Shipping city PORT
Smash of a show SELLOUT
Sooner State city TULSA
Sources of wise advice SAGES
Space saving abbr ETC
Starters on menus APPS
Stoker of ''Dracula'' BRAM
Stood up ROSE
Street urchin GAMIN
Stress-free course EASYA
Swedish money KRONA
Taj Mahal's home AGRA
Tall flowers, for short GLADS
Target rival KMART
They'll slow you down BRAKES
Thin sprays MISTS
This: Sp ESTO
Tolkien half-elf ARWEN
Tollbooth arrangement PLAZA
Type of car roof TTOP
Ulla in ''The Producers'' UMA
Unsettling state ANGST
Venice's watery ''Main Street'' GRANDCANAL
Very tense, so to speak INKNOTS
Was mentioned CAMEUP
Well-grounded SANE
What you shouldn't oughta use BADGRAMMAR
Where the Finches live ALABAMA
Winter driving hazard SLEET
Word of regret ALAS
World's largest landlocked nation KAZAKHSTAN
YMCA class ESL
__-garde AVANT