New York Times - Oct 27 2019

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Clues Answers
'<<' button: Abbr REW
'Ya dig?,' in more modern slang FEELME
'You get the idea' ETC
Abbr. between * and # OPER
Accessory with a bass drum PEDAL
Actress Fay of the original 'King Kong' WRAY
Ad phrase indicating higher pricing tiers ANDUP
All-vowel avowal OUI
Alma mater of Tesla's Elon Musk WHARTON
Amtrak stop: Abbr STN
An earl outranks him BARON
Bad thing to come up in a title search LIEN
Battling it out ATWAR
Big fat lies WHOPPERS
Billiards maneuver MASSE
Birds known to mimic car alarms and human speech STARLINGS
Bitter green ENDIVE
Biweekly occurrence, for many PAYDAY
Brown seaweeds KELPS
Campaign ... or a campaign topic RACE
Carousel mount, to a tot HORSY
Carry some relevance for MATTERTO
Cent : euro :: ___ : krona ORE
Company that once offered 'the Thrift Book of a Nation' SEARS
Dairy sources UDDERS
Derisive chuckles SNICKERS
Didn't just hint at SAID
Display piece for tchotchkes ETAGERE
Emma Stone's role in 'La La Land' MIA
Emulate Johnny Appleseed SOW
Endeavor recognized by the César awards CINE
Epic narrative SAGA
Excited, with 'up' KEYED
Exclaim '@#%!' SWEAR
Executor's charge ESTATE
Eyedropper, essentially PIPETTE
Foil alternatives EPEES
French novelist Zola EMILE
French-speaking African nation GABON
Frosty encrustation RIME
Get up in the face of ACCOST
Glenn Frey's 'The Heat ___' ISON
Gold digger's goldmine SUGARDADDY
Graduate's 'honor' LAUDE
H, to Hellenes ETA
Hand over CEDE
Handel's '___, Galatea e Polifemo' ACI
Hooked on INTO
Important members of the community, so to speak PILLARS
In one's heart of hearts DEEPDOWN
Infomercial imperative ACTNOW
Intake suggestion, briefly RDA
Iraq War concern, in brief WMD
Is blinded by rage SEESRED
Its closest neighbor is Andromeda MILKYWAY
Its square equals its square root ONE
Jazzman Blake EUBIE
Just ducky AOK
Lake bordered by four states and a province ERIE
Large, purple Hanna-Barbera character GRAPEAPE
Laura of 'Big Little Lies' DERN
Like a crowd when the headliner takes the stage AROAR
Like some servings of Scotch NEAT
Loser of a beauty contest, in myth HERA
Major fuss STINK
Manic-looking, in a way CRAZYEYED
Clues Answers
Mark of a scam artist SAP
Meditative syllables OMS
Mode, on a menu ICECREAM
Modern, in Munich NEU
Mr. Wrong CAD
Neon marker HILITER
Neuf + deux ONZE
Neutral response from a therapist ISEE
New Guinea port that was Amelia Earhart's last known point of departure LAE
Non-pro CON
Nut extract used in skin care ALMONDOIL
One of 11 in a Christmas carol PIPER
Original N.Y.C. subway line IRT
Partner of 46-Down in the frozen food business EDY
Partner of 59-Across in the frozen food business DREYER
Pattern once used for hospital volunteer uniforms, with a hint to this puzzle's theme CANDYSTRIPE
Person who might call you out UMP
Pill bug, biologically ISOPOD
Pipsqueaks RUNTS
Place for regulars HAUNT
Popular D.I.Y. site EHOW
Portuguese-speaking African nation ANGOLA
Pounce on, as an opportunity LEAPAT
Protagonist in Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' SETHE
Provide an address ORATE
QB defenders, collectively OLINE
Regards covetously EYESUP
Reid of 'The Big Lebowski' TARA
Relating to a certain arm bone ULNAR
Ricochet like a hockey puck CAROM
Rodeo loop LARIAT
Scatterbrains AIRHEADS
Separation at a wedding? AISLE
Skate park features RAILS
Sketch out DELINEATE
Something set by a stove OVENTIMER
Stopped a flight ALIT
Submission to a record label, once DEMOCD
Take a mulligan on REDO
Tear to shreds REND
The 'two' in 'two if by sea' LANTERNS
They come through when you need them most LIFESAVERS
They're kept under wraps for a long time MUMMIES
Third-longest river in Europe, after the Volga and Danube URAL
Tilling tool HOE
Tiny objections PEEPS
To a certain extent, colloquially SORTA
Total failure DISASTER
Total stunners HOTTAMALES
Treatment for Parkinson's LDOPA
Types who think school is too cool NERDS
U.S. island owned almost entirely by billionaire Larry Ellison LANAI
Unlock, to Shakespeare OPE
Verdi's '___ tu' ERI
Virtual sticky ENOTE
Way out there ESOTERIC
Wedding bands? GARTERS
What lettuce lends to a sandwich CRUNCH
What many a navel-gazer gazes at INNIE
What socks usually do MATCH
What x's sometimes represent KISSES
Where menisci are found KNEES
Where you might need to get a grip MOVIESET
Word repeated in '___ ou ne pas ___' ETRE
Year of the final flight of the Concordes MMIII
___ Kenyatta, president of Kenya starting in 2013 UHURU