Universal - Oct 26 2019

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Clues Answers
"Do I have to?" sound GROAN
"How are you ___?" DOING
"Make it snappy!" ASAP
"The Simpsons" patriarch HOMER
"___ Poetica" ARS
12/31, for short NYE
Actress Polo TERI
Actress Zsa Zsa GABOR
Beyonce's "Single ___ (Put a Ring on It)" LADIES
Cabernet, e.g REDWINE
Charged particle ION
Cheese from the Netherlands GOUDA
Christian of couture DIOR
Coin in Cologne EURO
Comfort SOLACE
Commercial jingle? ADVERSE
Criminal rights name MIRANDA
Diana Nyad's was 64 when she swam from Cuba to Florida AGE
Downed a seafood tower, say ATE
Enclose tightly SEALIN
Eritrea neighbor SUDAN
Farm clucker HEN
Fix by stitching DARN
Flight fleet PLANES
Foam on a beer HEAD
Gaping mouths MAWS
General patterns TRENDS
Germ-free STERILE
Get-ripped-quick scheme for the midriff? ABSOLUTION
Gift recipient DONEE
Golfer's standard PAR
High-five sounds SLAPS
Important test at a big rig driving school? SEMIFINAL
Indian silk state ASSAM
Indian title of respect SRI
Lawful LICIT
Life-form BEING
Little lie FIB
London restrooms LOOS
Clues Answers
Macaroni shape ELBOW
Masses of tissues WADS
Meadow dad STAG
Meadow mom DOE
Muslim leader IMAM
Name that sounds like the fifth and fifth-to-last letters EVIE
Not in favor of ANTI
Oceanaut's journey? SUBMISSION
Old Acura model INTEGRA
Opening track INTRO
Overnight stay sites INNS
Pothole's place ROAD
Prefix for "immune" AUTO
Push, as a button PRESS
Second Greek letter BETA
Sentries' assignments POSTS
Some headphones cancel it NOISE
Squirrel away STASH
Stick like tape ADHERE
Sticky stuff GOO
Subway alternative TAXI
Sudden outburst SALVO
Sweet potato, e.g TUBER
Tackle box item LURE
Take home from a shelter ADOPT
Time period SPAN
Time to give up? LENT
Tool building SHED
Translator's hurdle IDIOM
Trudge SLOG
Uncomfortable feeling when running into one's former partner EXTENSION
Under the weather ILL
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Unleash pent-up emotions ERUPT
Way to go PATH
Whitish shade IVORY
___ cuisine HAUTE
___ in full PAID
___ up (intensifies) AMPS