Universal - Oct 25 2019

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Clues Answers
"A Black Lady Sketch ___" SHOW
"Breaking Bad" agcy DEA
"I'm well ___" AWARE
"In what way?" HOW
"Preach!" AMEN
"Pretty please?" MAYI
*Reward for tanking, in basketball (letters 5-8) LOTTERYPICK
*Setting of "Wine Country" (see letters 4-7) NAPAVALLEY
*They're web-cast (letters 5-8) ONLINEVOTES
2000-2015 CBS hit CSI
Almond-flavored liqueur AMARETTO
Anxiety UNEASE
B or Blanc MEL
Carl or Rob REINER
Chitchat TALK
Colleague of Clarence and Ruth ELENA
Colorful eye part IRIS
Commercials, e.g ADS
Cory Booker was its mayor NEWARK
Craft beer letters IPA
Dameron in "Star Wars" movies POE
Dazed and confused ATSEA
Dominating, in slang OWNING
Embroider, e.g SEW
Encircle HEMIN
Football great Junior SEAU
Forest female DOE
Fox's prey HEN
Frat party staple KEG
Got firmer, as muscles TONEDUP
Have a need for DEPENDON
Jeanne d'Arc, for one: Abbr STE
Lean cuisine eater of rhyme SPRAT
Letter opener: Abbr ATTN
Like flourless cakes DENSE
Like some Mexican ruins MAYAN
List shortener, for short ETC
Listen here! EAR
Clues Answers
Low-priority place, and a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters BACKBURNER
Lucasfilm ___ LTD
Morning moisture DEW
Nibble to no end GNAW
Obey an eviction notice VACATE
On the summit of ATOP
Papeete's island TAHITI
Party features with tildes PINATAS
Performance with many clicks TAPDANCE
Pile up AMASS
Pro-veganism grp PETA
Put on a blacklist BAN
Rosary bit BEAD
Round Table knight LANCELOT
Rule the roost REIGN
Schnitzel base, often VEAL
Showing signs of life ASTIR
Single piece of information DATUM
Sister with a habit NUN
Skin cream ingredient ALOEVERA
Source of tequila AGAVE
Spacecraft unit MODULE
Suddenly lose it SNAP
Suffix for "velvet" EEN
Take a risk DARE
Take quickly GRAB
Texter's "however" OTOH
Thin IHOP order CREPE
Transmitting cell NEURON
Unit of land ACRE
Way to serve kebabs SKEWERED
Way up the slope TBAR
Weird weather cause LANINA
What archers take AIM
Withdraws from nursing WEANS
___ Aviv TEL
___ of Capricorn TROPIC
___ of the above NONE
___ of the above ALL