New York Times - Oct 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'2 funny!!!' ROFL
'Little ___ in Slumberland' (early comic) NEMO
'QB VII' author, 1970 URIS
'What ___?' ELSE
... 'Keep at it!' ISEASY
... 'Piece of cake!' TOIT
... 'Swish' BUTNET
... A matter worth considering TOSNEEZEAT
... A small amount MUCH
... Dud BURGER
... Magician's claim UPMYSLEEVE
... Plaint upon going through one's closet TOWEAR
... Surgeon's goal LEFTBEHIND
A, B and C, but not X, Y and Z NOTES
Address starter HTTP
Bridge scorecard heading THEY
Bubbled, as a cauldron ROILED
Calumnies LIES
Carrier that operates only six days a week ELAL
Chips in HELPS
City whose name, appropriately, is an anagram of ARABS BASRA
Comforts BALMS
Delights in LOVES
Deserving, to Santa NICE
Difficult situation SPOT
Displace by force ELBOWOUT
Does a surfing trick HANGSTEN
Drywall support STUD
Fail to invite, maybe SNUB
Feudal superior LIEGE
Gladiatorial accessory SPEAR
Go (for) OPT
Heiress of Hartfield, in an 1816 novel EMMA
Ho Chi ___ City MINH
Holiday song NOEL
Home to a majority of the world's alpacas PERU
In the thick of AMID
Introductory course? SALAD
Clues Answers
It's a tradition RITE
Jeff of the Electric Light Orchestra LYNNE
Level TRUE
M-1, for one RIFLE
Mythical meanie OGRE
Old kind of pool STENO
One in it for the long run? MILER
Opening of a fitness motto USEIT
Opiner's opener ISAY
Overly theatrical sorts HAMS
Palindromic woman ANNA
Part of a medical kit GAUZE
Popular Renaissance instrument VIOL
Purple perennial ASTER
Repeated cry after 'Stop shaking me!' IMUP
Result of atmospheric inversion SMOG
Shade of green NILE
Sharp part EDGE
Singer who played the title role in 'Calamity Jane' DORISDAY
Ski area in the Wasatch Mountains ALTA
Smith, sometimes ALIAS
Spinnaker or spanker SAIL
Stereotypical frat member BRO
Suggest gently HINTAT
The Taj City AGRA
They're taken in chess TURNS
Totally dope, in dated slang PHAT
Unaltered ASIS
Watch surreptitiously SPYON
Waterford offering VASE
Whale's closest living land relative HIPPO
When prefixed with 72-Across, what a friend wishes for you BUTTHEBEST
Where Bill and Hillary Clinton met YALE
Widely banned building material ASBESTOS
Wild West? MAE
Words repeated in '___ right, or ___ right?' AMI
___ deer ROE
___ shot FLU
___ toast MELBA