Universal - Oct 23 2019

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Clues Answers
"Cogito, ___ sum" ERGO
"Got it" ISEE
"Historic" beginning PRE
"Hot" deli sandwich meat PASTRAMI
"Marine" or "press" follower CORPS
1982 movie with a hacker protagonist TRON
A drummer keeps it BEAT
Abs' region CORE
Actress Anderson LONI
Atlanta university EMORY
Barnyard youngster CALF
Be inclined TEND
Becomes sunny CLEARS
Brews whose flavor resembles pumpernickel RYEBEERS
Cardinals or Orioles TEAM
Certain Iraqi KURD
Child's bouncy gait SKIP
Croaking hoppers FROGS
DEA bust unit KILO
Double jump, for one? STUNT
Exchanges TRADES
Expression that ought to relate to "child's play" FUNANDGAMES
Expression that ought to relate to "even the score" FITTOBETIED
Expression that ought to relate to "for the birds" CANOFWORMS
Expression that ought to relate to "goes into a spin" TAKESTURNS
Fabric flaws RIPS
Fire remnant EMBER
Fish in some melts TUNA
Freelancer's letter QUERY
French wine valley LOIRE
Gives the boot to OUSTS
Gobble up EAT
Grammarian's specialty USAGE
Hadrian's "Hail!" AVE
Hill helper AIDE
Holiday ___ INN
Island in the Dutch Caribbean ARUBA
Clues Answers
Like a designated driver SOBER
Like sashimi RAW
Lobster relatives CRAWDADS
Loosen, as laces UNDO
Lumberjack's tool: Var AXE
Makeup artist's focus FACE
Mimicked APED
More disastrous DIRER
Muddy up ROIL
Mystical glow AURA
One may enjoy studying NERD
Oversize screen format IMAX
Pearl producers OYSTERS
Piece of sand GRIT
Pitching a no-hitter, e.g FEAT
Resting atop UPON
Rock band blasters AMPS
Rock fissures CREVICES
Roulette bet EVEN
Savannah predators LIONS
Shirt pocket feature FLAP
Testing venues LABS
They represent states on the American flag STARS
Tie the knot quickly ELOPE
Tightly packed DENSE
Tutti-___ FRUTTI
Walk heavily PLOD
Was informed KNEW
Weaver's device LOOM
Welsh pooch CORGI
What a Singer does best SEWS
World Cup cheer OLE
Wraps up ENDS
Wriggle SQUIRM
Writer Lebowitz FRAN
You may hang a flower bowl on one EAVE
Z, in sorority names ZETA
___ chi TAI