Wall Street Journal - Oct 21 2019 - Wingspans

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Clues Answers
“How was ___ know?” ITO
Antlered animal STAG
Assists in wrongdoing ABETS
Baker, at times ICER
Bara who starred in silents THEDA
Barracks beds COTS
Big name in arcade games ATARI
Biscuit bit CRUMB
Bunches of believers CULTS
Burro ASS
Capital on the Nile CAIRO
Church recess APSE
Cinema statuette OSCAR
Clamor DIN
Coll. or acad SCH
Crispy cracker SALTINE
Cunning swindle FLIMFLAM
Dyeing tubs VATS
E.M. Forster’s “___ With a View” AROOM
Early Fords MODELAS
Eccentric oldsters COOTS
Fills fully SATES
Flyer with membranous wings BAT
Forge worker SMITH
From the country RURAL
Genetic stuff DNA
Good-natured AFFABLE
Got older AGED
Greed or gluttony SIN
Grove harvest ORANGES
Having a conventional key and harmony TONAL
Hot under the collar IRATE
How risky things might be done ONADARE
In need of directions LOST
Jam ingredients? AUTOS
Keypad key ENTER
Ladder part RUNG
Land unit ACRE
Lang. of Leipzig GER
Clues Answers
Last name of filmmakers Joel and Ethan COEN
Like a good waiter? PATIENT
Long sandwiches SUBS
Lunar feature CRATER
Major metal-producing corporation ALCOA
Manipulating PLYING
Martini’s partner in the vermouth business ROSSI
Meteor’s source SPACE
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Noted news agcy UPI
Ocean off Calif PAC
One of two that meet at a cold front AIRMASS
Overhaul, as equipment REFIT
Pale gray ASHY
Pear-shaped instruments LUTES
Piece of cake SNAP
President who was later chief justice TAFT
Pressing need? IRON
Protractor measure ANGLE
Protuberant navel OUTIE
Pulled gently TUGGEDON
Receptacle for recyclables BIN
Recipe instruction STIR
Remote FAR
Right on most maps EAST
Said further ADDED
Silver bars INGOTS
Smidgen IOTA
Some nest egg investments IRAS
Stephen of “The Crying Game” REA
Take home from the pet shelter ADOPT
Takeoff spot for a hang glider CLIFF
Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and others AVENGERS
Toward the stern AFT
U-shaped instruments LYRES
Weasel, wolf or walrus MAMMAL
___ part (join the cast) ACTA