L.A. Times Daily - Oct 21 2019

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Clues Answers
"... for the remainder of my days" ASLONGASILIVE
"A __ Is Born" STAR
"Like it __ ... " ORNOT
"Me too!" DITTO
"Me too!" SODOI
"No one __ blame" ISTO
"The Greatest" boxer ALI
"Time is money," e.g ADAGE
2018 Best Actor Gary OLDMAN
2020 Super Bowl number LIV
Adolescent TEEN
Ages and ages EON
B-ball HOOPS
Barely enough MINIMAL
Beat by a bit EDGE
Burden ONUS
Celestial shower component METEOR
Clairvoyant SEER
Clock radio toggle AMPM
Coffee hour vessel URN
Communication confusion ... or what's literally found in this puzzle's three sets of circles MIXEDSIGNALS
Crude in a tanker OIL
Cuteness reactions AWS
Debate topic ISSUE
Dime's 10: Abbr CTS
Dog's bark ARF
Earlier AGO
Engaged in battle ATWAR
English Derby site EPSOM
Fifth tire SPARE
Filming site SET
Fruity metaphor for a rumor mill GRAPEVINE
Game with Draw Two cards UNO
Give off EMIT
Golf tournament kickoff PROAM
Handsome god APOLLO
Hardy's "__ of the D'Urbervilles" TESS
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Ice cream holder CONE
John of "Three's Company" RITTER
Clues Answers
Legendary Garbo GRETA
Lemony Snicket's evil count OLAF
March 15, notably IDES
Measuring stick RULER
Melancholy SORROW
Money in the middle of a poker table POT
More than a quiz EXAM
No-holds-__ BARRED
Of all time EVER
Painter of café scenes MANET
Pamplona runners TOROS
Paperwork accumulation PILE
Places to get bronzed skin TANNINGSALONS
Postponed, as a ball game RAINEDOUT
Prefix between kilo- and giga- MEGA
Prefix with liberal NEO
Pull-up muscles, briefly LATS
Quick look GLIMPSE
Quito's country, to the IOC ECU
Sigma follower TAU
Skiing surface SNOW
Slam-dancing area MOSHPIT
Smoke for Sherlock PIPE
Spanish "month" MES
State-of-the-__ ART
Takes to court SUES
Tense NBA periods OTS
Tesla self-driving car system AUTOPILOT
Texting devices PHONES
Thespian's platform STAGE
Tibetan priests LAMAS
Twelve 24-Acrosses ANO
U.K. language ENG
Utah ski resort ALTA
Vessel for Bond MARTINIGLASS
Wash. neighbor IDA
What students take at lectures NOTES
Yacht or ferry BOAT
Yoga posture ASANA