- Oct 20 2019

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Clues Answers
''Brown Eyed Girl'' singer [2016] VANMORRISON
''But of course!'' WHYYES
''Candle in the Wind'' singer [1998] ELTONJOHN
''Inter'' __ (among others) ALIA
''Mad Dogs and Englishmen'' composer [1969] NOELCOWARD
''Maggie May'' singer [2016] RODSTEWART
''Moonstruck'' Oscar winner CHER
''__ creature was stirring . . .'' NOTA
''__ fair in . . . '' ALLS
''__ open book!'' IMAN
A Bolivian capital SUCRE
About 3,300 feet, to runners ONEK
Actress Teri GARR
African scavengers HYENAS
Alliance BLOC
Apple or pear POME
Arcade regular GAMER
Author Wiesel ELIE
Barest minimums LEASTS
Beasts with tusks BOARS
Bee Gees cofounder [2018] BARRYGIBB
Besides ATTHAT
Big Apple's Arthur __ Stadium ASHE
Bit of truth FACT
Branson's region OZARKS
Break of day DAWN
Burst of activity SPASM
Cantina tidbit TAPA
Captain Hook associate SMEE
Carrot, for a snowman NOSE
Caught on to GOT
Chocolate substitute CAROB
City north of Des Moines AMES
City on the Missouri OMAHA
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Common Russian female name OLGA
Cool-headed SOBER
Cpl. or sgt NCO
Cruise ship facilities SPAS
Didn't return KEPT
Dock area SEAFRONT
Dr. show locales ORS
Draws in LURES
Dull finish MATTE
Earliest stage ONSET
Easy to grasp CLEAR
Ending like -arian STER
Extremely small TEENY
Farm animals RAMS
Filmmaker brothers' surname COEN
Finnish tech giant NOKIA
Flamingo descriptor LEGGY
Food truck fare TACO
Footnote notation IBID
For naught INVAIN
Forecast stat TEMP
Former Israeli leader Barak EHUD
Francs' successors EUROS
Frittata base EGG
Galileo's hometown PISA
Get ready, for short PREP
Glass of public radio IRA
Got a glimpse of EYED
Governmental center SEAT
Had a follow-up session REMET
Halloween decorations BATS
Highest Scrabble tile point value TEN
Hobby farm animals ANTS
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Incendiary crime ARSON
Infomercial ritual DEMO
Clues Answers
Instigate POWER
Irish flutist [2001] JAMESGALWAY
Island in the Commonwealth MALTA
Jai __ ALAI
Key beside G AFLAT
Lacrosse stick attachments NETS
Large inlets BAYS
Large quantity RAFT
Large quantity HOST
Large quantity, in Quito MUCHO
Latest thing CRAZE
Lunchtime for many NOONDAY
Merit badge holder SASH
Mideast royal house SAUD
More boorish CRUDER
Most despicable BASEST
National Lawn and Garden Mo APR
Natural balm ALOE
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Nickname like Dolph RUDY
Not ruling out OPENTO
Nutmeg spice MACE
On a road trip AWAY
One of the Fab Four [1997] PAULMCCARTNEY
Oven-prepared desserts PIES
Overfill SATIATE
Overly sweet SUGARY
Paretsky of whodunits SARA
Places to lodge ROOSTS
Places to lodge INNS
Previously enjoyed USED
Public commotion SCENE
Reusable bag TOTE
Roll-call votes AYES
Rolling Stones leader [2003] MICKJAGGER
Runs like sap OOZES
Rwanda native HUTU
San __ (Costa Rica's capital) JOSE
Sentence shortener PAROLE
Set free on a farm UNPEN
Singer Joplin JANIS
Small pop groups TRIOS
Soaking settings BATHTUBS
Social slight SNUB
Solid reasoning LOGIC
Source of sandwich seeds CARAWAY
Stale, as jokes HOARY
Steady look GAZE
Sudden rise SURGE
Suspenseful TENSE
Symbol of growth potential ACORN
Task to do JOB
Thesaurus pioneer ROGET
They may be ''best'' WISHES
Toy box CHEST
Traditional wedding serving CAKE
Tribulation WOE
Trim down PARE
Turn down DENY
Typewriter roller PLATEN
Wagner genre OPERA
Watson of films EMMA
Weasel cousin SABLE
What Brits call some beans SOYA
What the eight male musicians in this puzzle all achieved KNIGHTHOOD
Whirling water EDDY
Workers in wicker CANERS
__ Romeo (Italian auto) ALFA
__ sauce (seafood topping) TARTAR
__ to go (eager) RARIN
__ torch (luau light) TIKI