The Washington Post Sunday - Oct 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'All right, already!' YESYES
'Can this be true?' ITIS
'Chocolat' co-star LENAOLIN
'Come again?' HUH
'Ghostbusters' actor Hudson ERNIE
121 Across woe STYE
1980s Soviet leader Andropov YURI
1997 World Series MVP Hernandez LIVAN
Accelerated science unit? ION
Access point DOOR
Acquire, as debt INCUR
Actor Guinness ALEC
Actress Lupino IDA
Agreements in D.C AYES
Andy Weir work about a guy who shares actor Sheen's name (and no one else does)? THEMARTIN
Anna Sewell work about the loveliness of one's posterior body surface? BACKBEAUTY
Apple Pencil user's device IPAD
Appropriate COOPT
Artificially colored DYED
Baltic republic LATVIA
Be cocky BRAG
Beavers' structures DAMS
Box full of bills TILL
Boxer Spinks LEON
Brink EDGE
Bygone bird DODO
Canonized mlle STE
Carrier whose main hub is in Rome ALITALIA
Cause of boasting EGO
Cereal 'for kids' TRIX
Chain with a Select Guest loyalty program OMNI
Charles Dickens work about astronomer Sagan dressing up as Santa? ACHRISTMASCARL
Chicago's Willis ___ TOWER
Cleansed (of) RID
Coerced payments RANSOMS
Coffee ___ MUG
Collected works OEUVRE
Collection of letters MAIL
Competes (for) VIES
congress.___ GOV
Country where one spends cedis GHANA
Cribbage piece PEG
Crucifix ROOD
Cruising ASEA
Cup, vis-a-vis a pint HALF
D&D enemies OGRES
Dante Alighieri work about a godlike former FBI director named James? THEDIVINECOMEY
Deciduous tree ELM
Declaration of incompetence ISTINK
Diminish ABATE
Disreputable one CAD
Duma rejection NYET
Easily fooled NAIVE
Ed who voiced Hudson on 'Gargoyles' ASNER
Edits, as a voice-over REDUBS
Enthusiasm VIM
Essentials NEEDS
Exclusive SOLE
Failed Ford EDSEL
Fell, in a forest HEW
Filmmaker Coen JOEL
Flat figure? RENT
Football snapper CENTER
Frances Hodgson Burnett work about someone in actress Eve's family whom no one has ever heard of? THESECRETARDEN
Frozen treats ICEES
Give it a whirl TRY
Green party requirement? ENVY
Gun, as an engine REV
Had ham, e.g ATE
Harmonizing Brian ENO
Has creditors OWES
Haul LUG
Have a feeling? EMOTE
Having a bug ILL
Hence ERGO
Hits from a flask NIPS
Hoarse sound RASP
Hollywood's Howard RON
Iris setting EYE
Iris setting VASE
Jay who once wrote a column for Popular Mechanics LENO
Joseph Conrad work about an evil deer? HARTOFDARKNESS
Jumper on a pug FLEA
Just out of the box NEW
Just sits there IDLES
Kazuo Ishiguro work about your demand to actress Campbell to free you? NEVELETMEGO
Key of 'Crazy on You' AMINOR
Clues Answers
Keycard receiver SLOT
Large number MYRIAD
Lecherous hybrid SATYR
Like the worst of circumstances DIREST
Like track stars FAST
Like, on menus ALA
Lisa Genova work about cooties that don't move? STILLLICE
Long on screen NIA
Long-billed wader IBIS
Loses one's goatee, e.g SHAVES
Lymph ___ NODE
Major gold exporter MALI
Massive span EON
Md. athlete TERP
Mess up ERR
Mitsubishi headquarters city TOKYO
More cheesy HOKIER
Not pro CON
Oahu veranda LANAI
Old master's mastery ART
Olympian Korbut OLGA
Oman neighbor YEMEN
Opening on a sci-fi program WORMHOLE
Oxen restraints YOKES
Partially cracked AJAR
Percentage set by a bank CDRATE
Performs a brain operation? LEARNS
Personal quirks TICS
Phnom ___ PENH
Piece with a point ESSAY
Prevaricate LIE
Prez No. 16 ABE
Proofing veto STET
Pursue, as a tip ACTON
Ralph Ellison work about a mother you can't see? INVISIBLEMA
Rebel Guevara CHE
Recipients of medals VETERANS
Regarded to be SEENAS
Retired Rocket ___ Ming YAO
Rice making plots ANNE
Right away ASAP
River by the Karnak temple NILE
Rocky foe Drago IVAN
Scattered, as seeds SOWN
Scooped, as soup LADLED
Secured GOT
See 17 Down TIME
See 2 Down HIATT
Shop cutter ADZ
Shop cutters LATHES
Simoleons MOOLA
Sleep clinic subject APNEA
Smiley once on PBS TAVIS
Songwriter Brickell EDIE
Soon, in a sonnet ANON
Sore from exercise ACHY
Squad car signal SIREN
Steelers great Bettis JEROME
Stephen King work about a paternity ward? THEDADZONE
Stew with bok choy, perhaps HOTPOT
Stick up ROB
Strip in a bedroom? SLAT
Stuff that's in circulation AIR
Sue of mysteries GRAFTON
Summer class abroad? MATHS
Sunlight blocker VISOR
Tabriz's nation IRAN
Talk too much RUNON
Tina Fey work about dictatorial queens of small colonies? BOSSYANTS
Tony winner Vereen BEN
Topic for a crime beat reporter ARREST
Traveling across America like America ONTOUR
Truman Capote work about being drenched with the vital fluids of fish-and-chips fish? INCODBLOOD
Two-rod antenna DIPOLE
Warm, in a way NEAR
Water brand EVIAN
Wedding response IDO
Wedge, e.g SHOE
William Makepeace Thackeray work about a holiday tree that makes people conceited? VANITYFIR
With 37 Down, 'Slow Turning' singer whose last name sounds like a hotel JOHN
With 62 Across, euphemism for lovemaking SEXY
Work such as 'The Purloined Letter' (whose author's name is spelled out by this puzzle's purloined letters) SHORTSTORY
Worker's field CAREER
___ Spiegel DER
___ Spumante ASTI
___ water TAP