The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 20 2019

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Clues Answers
Animal in fight to secure phoney OBE ROEBUCK
Apprehensive NERVOUS
As birds out on a limb? ROOSTING
Baby hare LEVERET
Carte du jour MENU
Cavalry weapon SABRE
Conservative boy clothed CLAD
Damage or spoil MAR
Damaged souvenir one dropped on edge NERVOUS
Dressed CLAD
Duke in Old English poem ODE
Dunce Tom falsified record DOCUMENT
Effectiveness (figurative) TEETH
Endlessly excellent friend at last FINALLY
Father eating bird finds bone FEMUR
Feigned suffering audibly in foreign territory CHAMPAGNE
Fish with a hook and line ANGLE
Flower holder VASE
Huge insect after Geordie parent MAMMOTH
Hungarian composer BARTOK
Imitate COPY
In the end FINALLY
Instruction period LESSON
List from Gentlemen Ushers MENU
Longs to have time with new son YEARNS
Lot more modified musical effect TREMOLO
Male deer ROEBUCK
Mum on run hurt MAR
Clues Answers
No beer — I'll excite revolt REBELLION
Not as much to do in class LESSON
Obliterate Ethan's capped gnashers TEETH
Official paper DOCUMENT
Old feline in another's place LOCATION
Oversee church music CHAIR
Parrot shy about pelican at first COPY
Pot seen in Kharkiv as example VASE
Precious daughter offers material TWEED
Prehistoric elephant MAMMOTH
Rolling maul involves stream and tree LABURNUM
Settling for the night ROOSTING
Single seat CHAIR
Skeleton part FEMUR
Small platform PODIUM
Sword bears being twisted SABRE
The bubbly CHAMPAGNE
Verse form ODE
Viewpoint from Stranglers ANGLE
Wavering note TREMOLO
Where to stand and deliver? PODIUM
Whereabouts LOCATION
Woollen cloth TWEED
Yellow-flowered tree LABURNUM
Young animal always allowed outside LEVERET
Young Simpson okay as music-maker BARTOK