New York Times - Oct 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Hi, honey!' follower IMHOME
'It is the ___, and Juliet is the sun' EAST
'Mercy!' IGIVE
'Message received' GOTIT
'No fighting!' BENICE
'No kidding!' IKNOW
'Now that was funny!' GOODONE
'The Lord of the Rings' tree creature ENT
102-Down, affectedly TRES
Actor Don of old Hollywood AMECHE
Actress Cannon DYAN
Actress Roberts of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' DORIS
Author Pierce of the fantasy series 'The Song of the Lioness' TAMORA
Banquet vessels URNS
Base of a column PLINTH
Baseball hit just beyond the infield BLOOP
Best friend of Potter and Weasley GRANGER
Bishop's deputy VICAR
Brine-cured cheese FETA
British rocker Brian ENO
Classic Harlem ballroom, with 'the' SAVOY
Classic kids' game involving removal of body parts ... with a hint to this puzzle's theme OPERATION
Communist sympathizers, pejoratively PINKOS
Contact electronically PLUNGING
Creator of a philosophical 'razor' OCCAM
Crème de la crème ELITE
Cry of terror EEK
Dark forebodings EVILOMENS
Decorative fish KOI
Drain TIRE
E-sports enthusiast GAMER
Eldest of the 'little women' in 'Little Women' MEG
Element used in old television tubes YTTRIUM
Experienced one OLDTIMER
Eye roll accompanier, often SIGH
Fabulist LIAR
Farrah Fawcett's signature do SHAG
Faux pas DONT
Features of many malls ATRIA
Finishes CEASES
Fixed up REDID
Frenzy MANIA
Fruit in an often-parodied William Carlos Williams poem PLUMS
Futon alternatives AIRBEDS
Geologic period ERA
Gift that grows on you? CHIAPET
Go (for) VIE
Golfer's vehicle CLIPART
Hawks, e.g BIRDS
He was 'thumb' critic! EBERT
Historical role for Peter Lorre in 'The Story of Mankind' NERO
Homeowner's need DELIVERED
Ice skating spot POND
Inclination TILT
It can open a lot of doors for you SKELETONKEY
It's always something NOUN
It's in the bag TEA
Juul, e.g ECIG
Karaoke selection SHANDONG
Kind of tuna BIGEYE
King who lent his name to a Bible JAMES
Lament RUE
Language from which 'curry' comes TAMIL
Like classic Disney films RATEDG
Like most oatmeal LUMPY
Like most standardized tests TIMED
Clues Answers
Long narrative poem EPIC
Malawi-to-Kenya dir NNE
Melt down, as fat REARENDER
Metric of corporate success SALES
Middle of a diamond MORIBUND
Middle-distance runner MILER
Minuscule, informally ITSY
Mobile home? CRIB
Muscle Beach sight BOD
N.B.A. franchise whose mascot is the fireball Burnie MIAMIHEAT
Nickname for an ESPN baseball commentator AROD
Not much ATAD
Occasion to sing 'Dayenu' SEDER
Old kingdom of Spain ARAGON
One frequently saying 'Sorry, I missed that' SIRI
One-named electronic musician and D.J. with multiple Grammys DIPLO
Other side ENEMY
Paranoid types, slangily TINHATS
Part of an acacia tree THORN
Party that might not start till midnight RAVE
Peace Nobelist who went on to become president MANDELA
Picasso's '___ Demoiselles d'Avignon' LES
Plant, as an idea, modern-style INCEPT
Post production locales? NEWSROOMS
Qatari leader EMIR
Rabid enthusiast FIEND
Really tickles ELATES
Red wine from France MALBEC
Response to tickling TEHEE
Responses to an offer, colloquially BITES
Russian ruler known as 'the Moneybag' IVANI
Saint-___, capital of the Loire department ETIENNE
Secluded valley GLEN
Seconded, so to speak ECHOED
See 114-Across VERY
Semidomed church area APSE
Sights on many music festival grounds TENTS
Sikorsky of aviation IGOR
Slow Wi-Fi woe LAG
Speck MOTE
Speechify ORATE
Stand that an artist might take EASEL
Subj. of a 'Delayed' sign ETA
Their eggs are incubated by males EMUS
They might be hawked WARES
Top celebs ALARMIST
Treated meanly SPITSHINED
Tribe famous for weaving and sand painting NAVAJO
Troglodyte CAVEMAN
Ukulele accessory CAPO
Uninteresting and self-absorbed SHALLOW
Urged (on) EGGED
Villainous brother of Prospero in 'The Tempest' ANTONIO
Volunteer's phrase IMIN
Warrior, e.g., in yoga POSE
Way down CHUTE
Weapons thrown by the Dark Knight BATARANGS
Well, I'll be dammed! NILE
Wettish DAMP
What may follow bigger or better THAN
Wisecracking Marvel superhero DEADPOOL
With wisdom SAGELY
Worker at a recycling plant SORTER
World capital with the historic Temple of Hercules AMMAN
Writer Anaïs NIN
___ Dunphy, 'Modern Family' matriarch CLAIRE