The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 18 2019

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Clues Answers
365 days of The Sun? solar year
Accident victim CASUALTY
Alpine relaxation apres-ski
Animal cry initially befuddled fish BRAY
Break of day DAWN
Bucolic or rustic PASTORAL
Ceremonial clothes REGALIA
Clinging vine IVY
Confusing note with many others! tone-deaf
Damp smell I had HUMID
Discourages revolutionary red set DETERS
Disorderly retreat ROUT
Dissuades DETERS
Divert AMUSE
Egyptian leader PHARAOH
Eight-sided shape OCTAGON
Elevated HIGH
Entertain in morning service AMUSE
Euphoric aboard an Airbus? HIGH
Exact annual period solar year
Feline CAT
Figure in month before November? OCTAGON
Fit out EQUIP
Fragrant plant CAMOMILE
Go-between MIDDLEMAN
Green climber back in sleepy village IVY
Clues Answers
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Heehaw BRAY
Hereditary title BARONET
Intermediary no extremist? MIDDLEMAN
King removed in complete defeat ROUT
Lacking a musical ear tone-deaf
Last from terrible joke supply EQUIP
Medal from bigwig on Guernsey GONG
Media king in A1 social activity apres-ski
Moggy fur without hole CAT
Noble note rewritten after pub BARONET
Old examination of shepherds PASTORAL
Percussion instrument GONG
Person hurt in hospital drama CASUALTY
Royal insignia remade in Algeria REGALIA
Ruler's beautiful letter read out PHARAOH
Select church welcomes Soho drunk CHOOSE
Sloping walkway RAMP
Sunrise sketched right away DAWN
Swindle artist and politician RAMP
The rest must kick out a jogger REMINDER
Welcome in Idaho Lara returned ALOHA
Without mom Alice brewed tea? CAMOMILE