- Oct 18 2019

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Clues Answers
''Of Mice and Men'' characters HOBOES
''Plus unnamed others'' ETAL
''Sure, dude'' IBET
''We have it __ power to . . .'' INOUR
13 Across' Indian cousin NAN
Aeneas, for instance EPICHERO
Alias intro AKA
Approaching, in odes NIGH
Becomes liable for INCURS
Bench near stained glass PEW
Bylaw, in brief REG
Chocolate-covered sphere BONBON
Common athlete endorsements SNEAKERS
Cowpoke's ''haw'' preceder YEE
Crop, reword, etc EDIT
Dawn lawn descriptor DEWY
Exploration acronym SCUBA
Extend awkwardly SPLAY
Falafel holder, often PITA
First American woman Peace Nobelist ADDAMS
Floral keepsake LEI
Get Ready for Kindergarten Mo AUG
Gives, as a license ISSUESTO
Global mediator's expertise, perhaps TRADELAW
Green spaces LEAS
In a subservient manner MENIALLY
Joseph's grandfather ISAAC
Kin of a carp CHUB
Letters re the 2018 Super Bowl LII
LJ Silver's creator RLS
Long-legged wader EGRET
Major ATM maker NCR
Maritime predator ORCA
Massive amount TON
Clues Answers
Medicare issuance: Abbr IDNO
Meir foreign minister EBAN
Minute quantities ATOMS
More in demand HOTTER
Most populous NATO member USA
Mother of the Madonna, for short STANNE
Old-style baloney PISHPOSH
One of the Golden State's Santas ANA
Part 3 of quote IDONTTHINK
Part of 57 Down, in Montréal ETATS
Peach or petunia HUE
Physics department concern LAB
Reggae relative SKA
Rick __ (good name for a cowboy) OSHEA
RNs' workplaces ERS
Say ''Farewell'' BIDADIEU
Second-longest human bone TIBIA
Shell game SCAM
Snack with a shell TACO
Some drs PHDS
Sorority letter RHO
Source of quote COCOCHANEL
Start of a quote IDONTCAREWHAT
Talking bear of 2010s films TED
They may be for play AREAS
Type of pullover TSHIRT
Ukraine, in the '50s SSR
Uplift ELATE
Veggie favored by ''Southern Living'' OKRA
What Apple phones run on IOS
What M. may mean MONSIEUR
Whom emperors answer to NOONE
__'acte ENTR
__-Tok (wind-up Baum character) TIK (phone service site) ATT