Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Aeroplane, helicopter etc AIRCRAFT
Area around the North Pole ARCTIC
Assumes a horizontal position LIES
Bad ladies can have high principles IDEALS
Blunders, slips ERRORS
Business that serves other businesses AGENCY
Codswallop or trash RUBBISH
Coffers or sets of drawers CHESTS
Displeasing to the senses UGLY
Distinguished conductor MAESTRO
Extinct reptilian animal DINOSAUR
Extremely delicate and light, not of this world ETHEREAL
Female aristocrat PRINCESS
Fish that inflates when threatened, a delicacy but some parts poisonous PUFFER
Frankly, honestly CANDIDLY
Joins together COMBINES
Clues Answers
Letters slanted to the right ITALICS
Marine hedgehog URCHIN
Numbers gathered or classed together GROUPS
Of central government, not its separate states FEDERAL
Petrol in the US GASOLINE
Poetic verse STANZA
Silver-tongued, fluent ELOQUENT
Taking power without authority USURPING
The game some say spoils a good walk GOLF
Tropical grass with strong hollow stems BAMBOO
Type of somersault in gymnastics BACKFLIP
Unoccupied VACANT
Uprising, rebellion REVOLT
Wheel covering TYRE
Witnessed formally ATTESTED