L.A. Times Daily - Oct 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"12 Years a Slave" director Steve MCQUEEN
"Back to the Future" surname MCFLY
"The Metaphysics of Morals" writer KANT
Article about a dessert? ICECREAMSCOOP
Article about a European language? GREEKCOLUMN
Article about crosswords? PUZZLEPIECE
Article about life jackets? SAFETYFEATURE
Assignment TASK
Biennial games org USOC
Big name in stationery EATON
Brewed beverages ALES
Buddy CHUM
Bumbler BEE
Capital WNW of Cheyenne BOISE
CBS military series NCIS
Cherokee on the road JEEP
Chi follower PSI
Choral work MOTET
Claiborne of fashion LIZ
Class with mats YOGA
Classic 1954 horror film about giant ants THEM
Cubs spring training city MESA
Deli delicacy LOX
Designer monogram YSL
Destination for a wedding ALTAR
Didn't let renege on HELDTO
Dude BRO
Duo in the news ITEM
Entourage POSSE
Fountain pen precursor QUILL
Give a strong impression (of) REEK
Go slowly OOZE
Hiker's guide MAP
Honey haven HIVE
In need of a massage ACHY
Irritate CHAFE
Kitchen topper OLEO
Lacto-__ vegetarian OVO
Clues Answers
Latest thing RAGE
Like many wrestlers BEEFY
Mercury, for one ELEMENT
Meringue ingredients EGGWHITES
Middle of Tripoli? PEE
Monet medium OIL
More than a bit heavy OBESE
Nail salon material ACRYLIC
One advocating buying BULL
Orchestra name reflecting its music POPS
Painter's set of colors PALETTE
Panda Express staple FRIEDRICE
Pine or Rock CHRIS
Pushed the bell RANG
Quick blows JABS
Repeatable toy vehicle sound CHOO
San __, city near San Francisco RAMON
School near Windsor ETON
Scuttle NIX
Serpent suffix INE
Sharpens HONES
Short short? LIL
Small addition? ETTE
Solemn assurance VOW
Stage performance with singing OPERA
Steal from ROB
Superb servers ACERS
Support beam JOIST
Surround, as with a glow ENHALO
Texter's "Yikes!" OMG
Trees of a kind, often GROVE
Unspecified amount SOME
Vodka __ TONIC
Volkswagen sedan JETTA
Wanders ROVES
Ward off AVERT
Whirl, so to speak TRY
Word ending for enzymes ASE
__-friendly USER