New York Times - Oct 23 2009

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Clues Answers
'___ not!' ARE
18 or 21, typically OFAGE
1979 exile to Saudi Arabia AMIN
1980s El Salvadoran president DUARTE
2001-05 Pontiac made in Mexico AZTEK
A kid may be told to watch it TONE
Acronym for a kind of PC video screen display WYSIWYG
Actor Ford of 'Gilda' GLENN
Actor Ford of 'Snatch' ALAN
Advance LEND
Aleutian island ATKA
Below C level? POOR
Blackened SOOTY
Cone bearer CEDAR
Converted from coal via distillation COKED
Dragging sound VROOM
Fancy to a fault ADULATE
Fine with the Stooges LARRY
Government, often TAXER
Hand over RENDER
Hobby with call signs HAMRADIO
Identity ONENESS
Klugman's 'Quincy, M.E.' co-star ITO
Like Windows 95, e.g. OUTOFDATE
Locale of a Penn State campus ALTOONA
Many a King's Scholar ETONIAN
Mil. E-4 to E-9 NCOS
Mist generator SPRAYCAN
Mythical Hun king ATLI
National park with the Pink Cliffs BRYCECANYON
Natural history museum subject ZOOLOGY
Often-dreaded handout TESTPAPER
Clues Answers
One might be promoted to cpl. PFC
One of an au pair? VOWEL
One skilled at mimicry PARAKEET
One-named singer with the 2008 Grammy for Best New Artist ADELE
Opposite of dull HONE
Option for some surgeries LASER
Philippic RANT
Piece project? JIGSAW
Pope statement opener TOERR
Pusher's activity DEALING
Quadruple-platinum 2001 album JLO
Quick APT
Reachable INRANGE
Representation of 34-Down: Abbr. YRS
Sacrifice site, in Siena ARA
Shelters ASYLA
Shower with gifts, say WOO
Some breezy Top 40 songs EUROPOP
Spendthrift's antithesis STINTER
Start of a song that ends with 'brave' OSAY
Take another good look at REEXAMINE
They don't move quickly LARGOS
They help with dating TREERINGS
They may be seen with tails TOPHATS
They won't cover your back HALTERS
Tibia neighbors PATELLAS
Tigers' place PRINCETON
Title girl in a 1968 Turtles hit ELENORE
Turns away ESTRANGES
Two-faced LYING
Washington locale VALLEYFORGE
___ Heights GOLAN
___ Sea, modern site of ship graveyards ARAL
___-Egyptian Sudan ANGLO