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Clues Answers
'High School High' actress Carrere TIA
'If only — known!' IHAD
'Neath's opposite OER
'Take — out of crime!' ABITE
'Who —?' ELSE
'Who —?' ISNT
'— Na Na' (TV oldie) SHA
1970s spinoff sitcom RHODA
1995-2016 NBAer Kevin GARNETT
2017 biopic about skater Harding ITONYA
Abu Dhabi, for one EMIRATE
Acid neutralizers ALKALIS
Actor Omar EPPS
Actor Sacha Baron — COHEN
Actress Leah REMINI
African land MALI
Alan who portrayed Hawkeye ALDA
Allow to LET
Amigo PAL
And so on: Abbr ETC
As a response for INANSWERTO
Attacked energetically WENTAT
Avail USE
Big Apple inits NYC
Big pizzas, say LARGES
Border fringe EDGING
Both: Prefix AMBI
Boxing win, in brief TKO
British noble EARL
Camp shelter TENT
Casino cubes GAMINGDICE
Cat's-eye, steelie and aggie PLAYINGMARBLES
Chi-Town team SOX
Choral clubs GLEES
Close to its face value, as a bond NEARPAR
Close watch GUARD
Colored ring of the iris AREOLA
Concert extra ENCORE
Conductor André PREVIN
Corp. shake-up REORG
CPR specialist EMT
Deer family member MOOSE
Defense gp NATO
Democratic diplomat Harriman PAMELA
Diamond great Mel OTT
Diner and sleeper RAILROADCARS
Disguise VEIL
Dorm heads, for short RAS
Dr. Mom's attention TLC
E'en if THO
Ecol. monitor EPA
Eggnog spice MACE
Elbow locale ARM
Elocute ORATE
Facial offerer SPA
Falco who portrayed a Soprano EDIE
Fall bloom ASTER
Fashion figure Oscar de la — RENTA
Feuding, say ATIT
Fizzy wine, for short ASTI
Follower of 'ooh' or 'tra' LALA
For — (really cheaply) ASONG
French painter Edgar DEGAS
Gold, to Jorge ORO
Good cholesterol, for short HDL
Grassland LEA
Halved INTWO
Harmful ant TERMITE
Has in one's sights TARGETS
Hit with the knuckles RAPON
Clues Answers
Immense GIANT
Jarred SHOOK
Like many rec room walls PANELED
Like nerves acting on eye muscles OCULOMOTOR
Like some post-meal bad breath ONIONY
Liking a lot INTO
Loutish guy CAD
Mai — (cocktail) TAI
Maine university town ORONO
Make over REDO
MGM lion LEO
Midwest air hub OHARE
Moral wrong SIN
More highfalutin ARTIER
More in order NEATER
Muffed up ERRED
Nebraska natives OMAHAS
Nine-digit ID, for short SSN
Novelist Jennifer EGAN
Odd feature of a cyclops ONEEYE
Old name for a hippo SEACOW
Old ring king ALI
One of the 'Little Women' BETH
Opposite of east, in Mexico OESTE
Orlando-to-Miami dir SSE
Part of many a heavy-metal track GUITARSOLO
Pig's home STY
Playa del — REY
Possibly MAYBE
PrÌncipe's partner island SAOTOME
Reach for rudely GRABAT
Resounding storm noises THUNDERPEALS
River close to the Sphinx NILE
Rowlands of 'Gloria' GENA
Sat on a perch ROOSTED
Scoundrel RAT
Skyrocketing RISING
Soothsayers SEERS
Sound in 'cant' but not 'cent' HARDC
Sour fruit LIME
Spew forth ERUPT
Squander WASTE
State of societal breakdown ANOMIE
Suffix with kitchen ETTE
Take off of a spool UNREEL
They list a film's cast MOVIECREDITS
They make pins fall BOWLINGBALLS
Top banana BIGDOG
Tour vehicle BUS
Trapping in branches TREEING
Tsunamis are big ones OCEANWAVES
Ulan —, Mongolia BATOR
Using other sources DERIVATIVE
Violins' kin CELLOS
Vital conduit AORTA
Vote down NIX
Walk heavily SLOG
What eight answers in this puzzle are THINGSTHATROLL
Wife of TV's Frasier LILITH
With a sharp image, for short INHD
Without purpose AIMLESS
— acid (fat compound) OLEIC
— laude CUM
— Raton BOCA