Wall Street Journal - Oct 23 2009 - October 23, 2009 - Capital Gains

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Clues Answers
'...the sickness gets ___ the liquor dies out': Kipling INAS
'Amadeus' star HULCE
'Bored to Death' carrier HBO
'Coraline' author Neil GAIMAN
'CSI: NY' star Gary SINISE
'Forgot About ___' (Grammy-winning rap song) DRE
'It tolls for thee' poet DONNE
'Platoon' setting NAM
'The Lost Symbol' author Brown DAN
1977 bestseller set at Memorial Hospital COMA
Agreement SYNC
Air raid ender ALLCLEAR
Articulate FLUENT
Attend GOTO
Attitudes STANCES
Bad thing to be taken for ARIDE
Baronet's title SIR
Bass parts FINS
Beside ALONG
Big dollop GOB
Bird with an S-shaped neck HERON
Bookstore section HOWTO
Box on un calendario DIA
Break out, as fighting ERUPT
Clay, for one ORATOR
Clinch ICE
Combative nomad HUN
Conceptual pattern SCHEMA
Country rocker Joe ELY
Dance of the 1960s FRUG
Decks KOS
Deposits in some banks LODES
Detective Pinkerton and others ALLANS
Deuce follower, maybe ADOUT
Dick Cheney's wife LYNNE
Discovered by chance LITON
Distinct span ERA
Do research READUP
Do upkeep on dwellings made of concrete? TENDCEMENTHOUSES
Draped garment SARI
Draw out PROLONG
Duplicated real estate listing? HOMEADCLONE
Early hrs. AMS
Early screening PREVIEW
Edgar and Hugo AWARDS
Exuberant Spanish exclamation ARRIBA
Females, in feminist writings WOMYN
Fledgling's spot NEST
Fossil Butte Natl. Monument setting WYO
Future oak ACORN
Game pursuer HUNTER
Game with Skip and Reverse cards UNO
Gorgon HAG
Green start ECO
Heart of Venice RIALTO
Heather's 'Melrose Place' role AMANDA
Help desk sign ASKME
Helps with the dishes DRIES
Identify NAME
In the book LISTED
Inclination SLOPE
Intermediary LIAISON
Items on a card BOUTS
Izod Center team NETS
June honorees DADS
Key in ENTER
Kickoff aid TEE
Clues Answers
Knocks about ROVES
Kriegsmarine vessel UBOAT
Labour Party leader from 1935 to 1955 ATTLEE
Lake in the Sahara, e.g. MIRAGE
Latin jazz legend Tito PUENTE
Maximum PEAK
Michael Spinks's older brother LEON
Michelle Robinson's married name OBAMA
Municipality famed for its sugary leafy vegetables? SWEETCHARDCITY
Natural milk container UDDER
Not duped by ONTO
One who's chilling in the big house? SEMICOLDCON
Op. ___ (footnote abbr.) CIT
Ornament at the base of a column GRIFFE
Outcome of a sort ORDER
Owned by those guys THEIR
Pediculicide's target LICE
Pendulum path ARC
Pep Boys purchase TIRE
Perk up LIVEN
Pharaoh to Charlton's Moses YUL
Picardy pal AMI
Piper Palin's mother SARAH
Pledge SWEAR
Poet of the platoon can't take the pressure? ARMYBARDCRACKS
Polite denial NOMAAM
Pother ADO
Product that offers drivers a rosy outlook on things? REDCARWINDOW
Public Citizen founder NADER
QB's gains YDS
Quentin wrote 'Kill Bill' for her UMA
Radio knob TUNER
Rain forest prowler OCELOT
Reef residents EELS
Richards of 'Wild Things' DENISE
Salad preparer, perhaps TOSSER
Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography YESICAN
School attended by Hugh Laurie ETON
Scrub brush target GRIME
Second-largest city of Italia MILANO
Sedated, say ONMEDS
See 6-Across DYING
Senate staffers AIDES
Stately trees ELMS
Stockpiles of money kept under the mattress? PRIVATEBEDCACHES
Stop on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited ERIE
Summer sign CANCER
Surprised reaction GASP
Take off, or takeoff spot STRIP
Thanksgiving guests treated like cattle? FAMILYFEDCUD
They connect to scapulae HUMERI
They may be significant OTHERS
They played in RFK Stadium until 2008 NATS
Throw in ADD
Two-time Italian prime minister Aldo MORO
U.S. biomedical research agcy. NIH
Unfriendly way to reply ICILY
Verbally sparing TERSE
Video game series featuring the alien Covenant HALO
Wee nuisance GNAT
What Wall Street laid, according to a 1929 Variety headline ANEGG
Wing: Prefix PTERO
Wise guys SAGES
With 56-Across, 1930 William Faulkner novel ASILAY
Words of wisdom SAW
Work for some stand-ins STUNTS
___ paper (jotting spot) PADOF