Universal - Oct 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"&$#!," for one OATH
"Fast Car" singer Chapman TRACY
"Yay, team!" RAH
192 of them make a qt TSPS
Action DEED
Adequate coat? (... letter 2) OKPARKA
Alibis OUTS
Backpack part STRAP
Big name in small trains LIONEL
Buy things SHOP
Cape-waving combatant TORERO
Chess "castle" ROOK
Creative writing degs MFAS
Cut the rind from PARE
De Armas of "The Informer" ANA
Decorate anew REDO
Despairing poker declaration IFOLD
E.g., e.g ABBR
Elephant ___ EAR
Faithfully following TRUETO
Fitting APT
Folded food TACO
Full of profanity, perhaps UNQUOTABLE
Group that made the Wild West less wild POSSE
Hardens SETS
Hawaiian party LUAU
Hereditary determinant GENE
High male voice ALTO
In short order, for short PDQ
Iridescent gem OPAL
Jazzman Blake EUBIE
Judges at a Scottish food contest? (hint: the last letter was originally letter 5) TRIPEPANEL
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kidney-related RENAL
Kind of code on an envelope ZIP
Lacking in moisture ARID
Large venue ARENA
Lawn machine used on 16-, 22-, 38- and 49-Across LEAFBLOWER
Clues Answers
Low brass instrument TUBA
Made one UNITED
Major Egyptian water source NILE
Make airtight SEALUP
Many Soho dwellings LOFTS
Mrs., in Managua SRA
Mud bath venue SPA
NATO alphabet word after "Juliett" KILO
No longer too young OFAGE
Online merchandising ETAIL
Out of office AWAY
Patriotic march composer SOUSA
Periods ERAS
Pituitary or thyroid organ GLAND
Preliminary software version BETA
Principle TENET
Pub array ALES
Queen ___ ("Halo" singer, to fans) BEY
Remove roughness from POLISH
Request for permission CANI
Retiring hairstylist's final job? (... letter 1) VERYLASTMANE
School zone? OCEAN
Sewed by a surgeon SUTURED
Siamese, now THAI
Soak (up) SOP
Spacious car SEDAN
Speak haltingly STAMMER
Sticks with flat blades OARS
Tick's relative MITE
Tinted HUED
Unload a slippery fish from a truck? (... letter 7) GETTHEEELOFF
Word of assent YES
Worked on a driveway PAVED
Wow-inducing, in old theater slang BOFFO
___ packing (dismiss) SEND
___-Seltzer BROMO
___-walsy PALSY