- Oct 16 2019

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Clues Answers
''Everything else'' category OTHER
''Fiddler on the Roof'' lead role TEVYE
''Sure thing!'' YES
After-sunset time, in poems EEN
American Pacific territory GUAM
Arizona city YUMA
Artist Neiman LEROY
Astrological feline LEO
Atlas illustration MAP
Audible rebound ECHO
Baby bottle contents FORMULA
Bathing suit top BRA
Be less than candid MINCEWORDS
Beatles' music label APPLERECORDS
Boxing legend ALI
Brewery creations ALES
Brought into the world BORN
Brownish gray TAUPE
Catch sight of ESPY
Christopher of ''Superman'' REEVE
Cocoa-coffee blend MOCHA
Columbus campus: Abbr OSU
Competition that makes a mess MUDWRESTLING
Cowpoke's ''Hurray!'' YEEHAW
Cylindrical farm building SILO
Desert haven OASIS
Diner loaf RYE
Director Spike LEE
Drew to a close ENDED
Dutch cheese EDAM
Edison's middle name ALVA
Elongated circle OVAL
Employs USES
Ewes' babies LAMBS
Fairy tale brute OGRE
First Indian prime minister NEHRU
Floating ice mass BERG
Football measure YARD
Former Medicare IDs SSNS
Clues Answers
Goaded into action SPURRED
Gobbled up ATE
Grinch guy SEUSS
Gung-ho EAGER
Hot tub SPA
Inclined walkway RAMP
Invitation abbreviation RSVP
Lendl of tennis IVAN
Local watering hole PUB
Long oar SCULL
Made a blunder ERRED
Make an escape FLEE
Meddlesome OBTRUSIVE
Method of doing something PROCEDURE
Migratory seabirds TERNS
Natural healer ALOE
Oboist's accessory REED
Offer a bet LAYODDS
Once owned HAD
Online auctioneer EBAY
Option for an omelet HAM
Paperless messages EMAIL
Refuse to approve DENY
Round firecracker CHERRYBOMB
Second-largest city in IN FTWAYNE
Sheriff badge shape STAR
Skier's accessory POLE
Skilled speaker ORATOR
Slender swimmer EEL
Spread apart SPLAY
Stew cookers POTS
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Three, in Sicily TRE
True statement FACT
Tune for one SOLO
TV room device TIVO
Unruly crowd MOB
Very worrisome DIRE
Western gambling center RENO