New York Times - Oct 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Buenos ___' DIAS
'Deck the Halls' contraction TIS
'My Name Is ___ Lev' (Chaim Potok novel) ASHER
Accepts, as an argument BUYS
Acknowledge silently NODTO
Agonize (over) FRET
Artery problem CLOT
Back-comb TEASE
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Blanchett of 'The Aviator' CATE
Browns' home, on scoreboards CLE
Came to a close ENDED
Casual pair LEVIS
Catch, as a movie SEE
Celebrated figure IDOL
China's Sun Yat-___ SEN
Classic story in which Paris figures prominently ILIAD
Co. money manager CFO
Cousin of a bassoon OBOE
Cry like a baby BAWL
Dash readout MPH
Deli cry NEXT
Dream Team members' org NBA
End of the quip INCREASING
Family name of Morticia and Gomez ADDAMS
Film director's cry CUT
Filmmaker Riefenstahl LENI
Full of promise, as an outlook ROSY
Galactic Empire superweapon DEATHSTAR
Golfer's concern LIE
Guitarist Wood of the Rolling Stones RON
Here, to Henri ICI
Instance of psychological trickery HEADGAME
Intuition SENSE
Iranian currency RIAL
Kama ___ SUTRA
Clues Answers
Letters from down on the farm? EIEIO
Like Scotch, for a minimum of three years AGED
Memo abbreviation ATTN
Modern replacement for a cash register IPAD
More standoffish ICIER
Nod off DOZE
One playing a small part EXTRA
Opportunity to determine if the referee blew it REPLAY
Part 2 of the quip ORIGAMICLUBHAD
Part 3 of the quip FOLDEDBUTINFACT
Part 4 of the quip INTERESTINITIS
Part of U.S.M.C CORPS
Petrol units LITRES
Prepare to get a hand ANTE
Push-button bankers ATMS
Put up to run NOMINATE
Reason why not CON
Rwandan group TUTSI
Seat preference, for some AISLE
See 41-Across OUT
Shiny fabric LAME
Sicilian peak ETNA
Some evil spirits INCUBI
Start of a quip about a hobby group WEHEARDTHE
Tahoe, for one SUV
Tiny orbiters ELECTRONS
Utah politician Hatch ORRIN
Vacation spot BEACH
What some smartphones run on IOS
What someone might make a stand for? TACOS
Where trains stop: Abbr STN
With 42-Across, usual result of a leadoff batter getting three strikes ONE
Word before sauce or soda CREAM
___ & Perrins (Worcestershire sauce brand) LEA
___ Horse CRAZY
___ longa, vita brevis ARS