Jonesin' - Oct 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Aaron Burr, ___' ('Hamilton' song) SIR
'About the author' info BIO
'Arabian Nights' flying creature ROC
'Buon ___!' GIORNO
'Don't Know Why' singer Jones NORAH
'Foucault's Pendulum' author Umberto ECO
'Garfield' girlfriend ARLENE
'Gesundheit' elicitor SNEEZE
'How's it goin'?' SUP
'In memoriam' writeup, briefly OBIT
'Inside ___ Schumer' AMY
'Mockingbird' singer Foxx INEZ
'Rendezvous With ___' (Arthur C. Clarke novel) RAMA
'The House That Gave ___ Treats' (2001 Halloween Homestar Runner cartoon) SUCKY
'The Magic Flute,' e.g OPERA
'The Man Who Fell To Earth' director Nicolas ROEG
'Yay, team!' RAH
2006 and 2011 W.S. champs STL
Above, to a bard OER
Agent REP
Altogether unlike the Addams Family? NOTTOOOOKY
Andorra la ___ (capital city) VELLA
Ape cousin BABOON
Bi-, quadrupled OCTO
Brass band sound inspired by a marsupial? KANGAROOOOMPAH
Bucks' gp NBA
Cable sports award ESPY
Cheese with an edible rind BRIE
Commotion HOOPLA
Core with kernels COB
Dungeons & Dragons humanoid ORC
Fake wood in a fireplace GASLOG
Felonious deed CRIME
Follow to the letter OBEY
Gave the boot OUSTED
Glass with a narrative IRA
Green, frowning symbol of poison prevention MRYUK
Guerrero gold ORO
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Clues Answers
Hire on EMPLOY
Historic stretch ERA
Ilhan of the 'Squad' OMAR
Inexpensive beer, for short PBR
Ink cartridge color CYAN
Ink with obvious spelling errors? TATTOOOOPS
Kimono band OBI
Kind of acid in proteins AMINO
Kitchen pest ANT
Largest living lizards, to pet lovers KOMODOS
Lease out again RELET
Market price VALUE
Moreno of 'One Day at a Time' RITA
Move furtively SLINK
Nike competitor REEBOK
One who writes 'Happy Birthday' ICER
Opposite of WSW ENE
Overtime situation TIE
Passed easily ACED
Post production? CEREAL
Put away SAVED
Quetzalcoatl worshiper MAYAN
R&B quartet ___ II Men BOYZ
Rapper ___ Dogg NATE
Restaurant guide publisher ZAGAT
Roller derby track shape OVAL
Ruby, for one GEM
Satya Nadella, for one CEO
Stable locks? MANE
Supreme Court justice since 2010 KAGAN
The study of eggs from certain parrot relatives? COCKATOOOOLOGY
Tool's Maynard James ___ KEENAN
Unidentified slime threatening animals in captivity? ZOOOOZE
Vibrant glow AURA
Wheat center GERM
Word before line or box SKY
Words often before 'I get it ...' OKLOOK
___ Peacock (Clue suspect) MRS
___-Locka (suburb of Miami) OPA