Family Time - Oct 14 2019

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Clues Answers
"Land of a Million Elephants" LAOS
"Speak your piece" piece OPED
"What ___ you up to?" ARE
Absorbed RAPT
Add days to one's life AGE
Anguished cry from a dog YELP
Archaeological operation DIG
Asian princess RANI
Assistant AIDE
BBs, buckshot, bombs, and bullets AMMO
Burger stuff BEEF
Cafe concoction LATTE
Calm? Oh no EDGY
Chester White lives in one STY
Circular piece ARC
Cow's comment MOO
Definite denials NOS
Direction on a door PUSH
Eggy seasonal drink NOG
Envision SEE
Fourth and way-long ploy PUNT
Fuss or bother ADO
Great person to marry (2 words) TRUELOVE
Had some goodies ATE
Hawk's nest AERIE
Historic Parks ROSA
Holiday predecessors EVES
Immediately payable DUE
Is worth doing PAYS
It's big in Sicily ETNA
Jury member PEER
KC gridder CHIEF
Kermit, e.g FROG
Like 662, but not 997 EVEN
Clues Answers
Like a furnace-fixer's rags OILY
Like some winter roads ICY
Little thing for a freelancer? SPEC
Major cause of inflation AIR
Many a Nick at Nite show RERUN
Maximally dry, as land SERE
Milk giver-upper UDDER
Most of the time, long ago OFT
Not even close to difficult EASY
Old marine menace UBOAT
Ovary output ESTROGEN
Peace symbol DOVE
Places for sweaters? SPAS
Plum or pear structure TREE
Pro's opposite ANTI
Professional charge FEE
Quite a lot OODLES
Received's u-turn SENT
Say with emphasis STRESS
Shopper's concern COST
Simple beverage SODA
Some choirboys ALTOS
Some deadly snakes ASPS
Stick in ADD
Submissions to eds MSS
Tablet maker ACER
Talking bird MYNA
Tiptop rating AONE
Versified tribute ODE
Water blocker DAM
Way, way off in the distance AFAR
Word after "screen" or "teen" IDOL
Word with "as directed" USE
You might take it lying down REST