The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,424 - Oct 14 2019

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Clues Answers
All added together TOTAL
Annoyance CHAGRIN
Electronic malfunction GLITCH
Essence PITH
Fabric weave with parallel diagonal lines TWILL
Factory MILL
Friend ALLY
Gold and silver bars BULLION
Hot air — rich rote (anag) RHETORIC
Instrument with stops ORGAN
Clues Answers
Nasal sound TWANG
North Italian city TURIN
Object believed to have spiritual significance TOTEM
Of the chest PECTORAL
Pasta pillows RAVIOLI
Person offering property to rent LANDLADY
Public school kid ETONIAN
Relating to a country's representative abroad AMBASSADORIAL
Ringlet CURL
Seventh planet from the sun URANUS
Survive precariously HANGBYATHREAD
Swelling on the big toe BUNION
Wanderer ROVER