L.A. Times Daily - Oct 13 2019

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" AMEN
"Aha!" ISEE
"Blueprint for a Sunrise" artist ONO
"Cabaret" film director FOSSE
"Code Switch" airer NPR
"Find out" GOASK
"Hamilton" creator __-Manuel Miranda LIN
"I'm such a klutz!" OOPS
"In memoriam" piece OBIT
"Lost in Yonkers" playwright NEILSIMON
"That was ages __" AGO
"We have that in stock," e.g.? ONHANDREMARK
"__ dreaming?" AMI
1974 Peace Nobelist from Japan SATO
2019 NCAA hoops champ UVA
37-Across conf ACC
46-Across HQ city ATL
Academy Award winner Dame Judi __ DENCH
Academy bestowals OSCARS
Adjust the length of REHEM
All together ASONE
American Heart Mo., aptly FEB
Ardent enthusiast BIGFAN
Armed conflict WARFARE
Balaam's mount ASS
Beer choice IPA
Bethlehem university LEHIGH
Big discount events FIRESALES
Big name in grills WEBER
Brief affair FLING
Call the game REF
Cara of "Fame" IRENE
Chiding sounds TSKS
Commit a hoops no-no GOALTEND
Complainer who won't quit NAG
Convinced WONOVER
Cooking oil option CANOLA
Dawn goddess EOS
Do brunch, say EAT
Downing St. VIPs PMS
Dressed CLAD
Edie of "The Sopranos" FALCO
Energetically excited AMPED
Expert's nugget PROTIP
Extra-base hit, likely? FLYOFFTHEWALL
Fabric flaws RIPS
Fake modeling material? KNOCKOFFWOOD
Falls for someone who's married? NIAGARA
Filmmaker for whom a Golden Globe award is named DEMILLE
First to hear the news INSIDERS
Fish-eating bird LOON
Foo Fighters frontman Grohl DAVE
Frames around smartphone displays BEZELS
Frigid time ICEAGE
Frog hangout POND
From then on EVERSINCE
Fundraiser BENEFIT
Funhouse reaction FEAR
Good times to build sand castles LOWTIDES
Good to have around USEFUL
Got out of the pen SPRUNG
Govt. health org CDC
Gram opening INSTA
Guidebook for throwing a shot? ONPUTTING
Guys MEN
Has no wrong answers, say GETSANA
Heavenly body? ANGEL
Hendryx of the "Lady Marmalade" trio Labelle NONA
Icky stuff GOO
ID card feature PHOTO
Include covertly, briefly BCC
Clues Answers
Intel-gathering mission RECON
Law firm fig ATT
Least adorned BAREST
Lectured about links? SPOKEONTHECUFF
Let go of a factory workers unit? LAIDOFFTHELINE
Like many awards ANNUAL
Limnologist's subject LAKE
Little bites NIPS
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Mandarin hello NIHAO
Manipulate digitally KNEAD
Many a "Freaks and Geeks" character TEEN
Maple syrup base SAP
Maze navigator LABRAT
NBA's Nikola Jokic, e.g SERB
New Orleans summer hrs CDT
Obama Education secretary Duncan ARNE
Oktoberfest vessel STEIN
Olive pursuer of comics BLUTO
Online gaming annoyance LAG
P.O. delivery LTR
Patch MEND
PDX : Portland :: __ : Chicago ORD
Peach center PIT
Peppery salad green ARUGULA
Poor spirits? HOOCH
Portable preparedness kit GOBAG
Premier League powerhouse ARSENAL
Prepared, as beer BREWED
Prom coif UPDO
Prop for an emcee MICSTAND
Rainbow-shaped ARCED
Red __: fictional sub OCTOBER
Relative challenge for some INLAW
Rollin' stone, in a Motown classic PAPA
Round number? PAR
Ruler until 1917 TSAR
Seaside eatery CLAMBAR
Sentence structure? CELL
Similarly named rival of a video game plumber WARIO
Small burger SLIDER
Spanning ACROSS
Specialized market segment NICHEAREA
Sprouts source ALFALFA
St. Pete's place FLA
Stage hog staying sober? HAMOFFRYE
Stand-up sort MENSCH
Start of a few choice words? EENIE
Syrian city ALEPPO
Tips politely DOFFS
Top-tier ALIST
Uniformed "O Canada" singer BLUEJAY
Union __ REP
Utah's __ Canyon BRYCE
Util. supply ELEC
Waterloo resident IOWAN
Wetland FEN
What "/" may mean PER
What collaborators should be in SYNC
Wither away FADE
Word on a towel HIS
Work intermittently (in) DABBLE
World Golf Hall of Famer Lorena OCHOA
XL, for one SIZE
Yet, in poetry EEN
__ mentality HERD
__ party FRAT
__-cone SNO