- Oct 13 2019

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Clues Answers
''Atlas Shrugged'' author RAND
''None of the above'' OTHER
''Raiders of the Lost Ark'' reptile ASP
''So that's what you mean'' ISEE
''Straight'' starter ORTHO
''That's a shame!'' AWGEE
16 Down products ANTTRAPS
2016 Olympics host RIO
25 Across' ''Doctor Angelicus'' THOMASAQUINAS
A euro predecessor LIRA
Alpine evergreens FIRS
Ancient Andean INCAN
Ancient Mongol marauder TATAR
Apple product PIE
Artichoke serving HEART
Assists in wrongdoing ABETS
Bag tags IDS
Bake-off appliance OVEN
Baseballer's grip enhancer PINETAR
Be mindful of HEED
Blunted sword EPEE
Book before Exodus GENESIS
Bug-busting brand RAID
Candid and cooperative FORTHCOMING
Carry a balance OWE
Cause to jump STARTLE
Certain Greek islanders CRETANS
Clearly pleased SMILING
Coffeecake topping PECANS
Columbus, by birth GENOAN
Common-interest groups BLOCS
Costume that might have been a bedsheet TOGA
County fair setups TENTS
Court reporter STENO
Deceptive plan RUSE
Desert refuge OASIS
Director Lee ANG
Discuss thoroughly, with ''out'' HASH
Doesn't take off STAYS
Drink-mix instruction STIR
Dwell (on) HARP
Elevations: Abbr HTS
Elongate STRETCH
Empress of Russia CATHERINE
End-of-week comment TGIF
Expert in divinity THEOLOGIAN
Federal procurement agcy GSA
Fifth-rate BAD
Galileo, by birth PISAN
Get rid of SCRAP
Goes yachting, say SAILS
Govt. mortgage insurer FHA
Gown designer's stock LACE
Grassy tract PRAIRIE
Hammer-throw trajectories ARCS
Harry Potter's pal? RON
Horticultural study FLORA
In reserve ASIDE
In this way LIKESO
Infomercial knife name GINSU
Informal refusal NAH
Install in office SEAT
IRS form datum SSN
It's e. of Detroit ONT
Kid-lit brutes OGRES
Kilt pattern TARTAN
Lamenting vocalist TORCHSINGER
LAPD advisory APB
Last word of a 1/1 song SYNE
Latin American music SALSA
Left home for food ATEOUT
Longtime NBC weekend show SNL
Loses feathers MOLTS
Clues Answers
Make less stringent EASE
Medical drama locales: Abbr ERS
Moral misstep SIN
More plucky GAMER
Most flexible LOOSEST
NBA great's nickname SHAQ
Neiman Marcus competitor SAKS
Nintendo console WII
Norse Zeus ODIN
Northwestern capital HELENA
O'Hare-bound trains ELS
On one's guard WARY
Pal of Piglet POOH
Paperless novel EBOOK
PD rank SGT
Piece of cake WEDGE
Piece of gravel STONE
Pipsqueak RUNT
Place to fish from PIER
Play with bubble wrap POP
Political position STANCE
Politician on the most ''Time'' covers NIXON
Prefix like ante- PRE
Preschool basics ABCS
Printer giant EPSON
Resign, with ''down'' STEP
Review roughly PAN
Rope on the range LASSO
Rorschach pattern INKBLOT
Rosebush pest APHID
Rugged rock CRAG
Satisfied sound AAH
Shop shaver PLANE
Sistine Chapel depiction EDEN
Small egg OVULE
Small sofa SETTEE
Soon, to a bard ANON
Sophia of cinema LOREN
Sound of distress GROAN
Spiced tea of India CHAI
Sports complex ARENA
Stare (at) GAWK
Starts to melt THAWS
Stop flowing CLOT
Sugar substitute for some HONEY
Support, as a cause GETBEHIND
Thatching material STRAW
Thompson of the LPGA LEXI
Tie with a clasp BOLO
Tiny girl in an Andersen tale THUMBELINA
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Touchdown stat ETA
Tourney format, for short ELIM
Trade grps ORGS
Two-band, as a radio AMFM
Ultimate intentions ENDS
Unkempt places STIES
Unorthodox doctrine HERESY
Unsuitable for tots RRATED
Unyielding RIGID
Venerable brew brand PABST
Vera of fashion WANG
Vessel of 1492 PINTA
What a trooper enforces STATELAW
What Brits call a ''peg'' CLOTHESPIN
What may be called an ''inn'' MOTEL
What's found in the other eight longest answers SPREADTHIN
Wish one hadn't RUE
Work boot reinforcements TOECAPS
Works hard LABORS
Writer du Maurier DAPHNE
__-bitty ITTY
___ light (filming tool) KLIEG