Family Time - Oct 13 2019

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Clues Answers
"Hey, buddy!" sound PSST
"New" prefix NEO
"The ___ in the Hat" CAT
"What's up, ___?" DOC
"___ I?" (polite question) MAY
"___-Tac-Dough" (quiz show) TIC
1 on the Mohs scale TALC
100 centesimi, once LIRA
Alphabet trio RST
Annoy IRK
Antony of antiquity MARC
Bangkok citizen THAI
Bit of embroidery PICOT
Blooming loop LEI
Boring routine RUT
Cambodian capital RIEL
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Coffee container MUG
Command to a dog SIT
Confused noise DIN
Dagger handle HILT
Dignified behavior DECORUM
Flintstone's home BEDROCK
Franklin's flier KITE
Garden dirt SOIL
Gave food to FED
Gives a hand to AIDS
Grand tale EPIC
Grass patch SOD
Gun part TRIGGER
He gave us a lift OTIS
It can be good, bad or bright IDEA
Kind of nut LUG
Clues Answers
Lavender flower LILAC
Lethal FATAL
Little mischief-makers IMPS
Major co CORP
Make an effort TRY
Make leakproof (var.) CALK
Melted caramel, e.g GOO
Mob at a stadium CROWD
Mormon state UTAH
Music timekeeper, at times TOE
Musical passage CODA
Nimble SPRY
Number of bowling pins TEN
Oxen connector YOKE
Perspiration SWEAT
Plural suffix with "mountain" EERS
Polluted air SMOG
Prefix for "night" MID
Recipe amt TSP
Scottish headgear TAM
Snoozefest BORE
The science or study of drugs PHARMACOLOGY
Third-party accounts ESCROWS
Time period in a history book ERA
Tin Man's need OIL
Tropical lizard GECKO
Verse on a vase ODE
Very easy win ROMP
Word with "whiz" GEE
Zoo attraction APE
___ de Janeiro RIO
___ of thumb RULE