Wall Street Journal - Oct 12 2019 - Driven Back

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Clues Answers
“Brave New World” drug SOMA
“Dirty Dancing” director Ardolino EMILE
“Hmm...” LETSSEE
“I wanna go too!” TAKEME
“Keep out of it,” briefly MYOB
“North Dallas Forty” star NOLTE
“R.U.R.” playwright CAPEK
“Sicko Mode” rapper Scott TRAVIS
“The Good Place” carrier NBC
“___ a Rainy Night” ILOVE
“___ jungle out there” ITSA
Accessory at a tobacconist CIGARCASE
Airport sign that inspired this puzzle’s theme RENTALCARRETURN
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Angus, e.g BEEFCOW
Animal also called a zebra giraffe OKAPI
Army counterpart of the Navy’s CPO SFC
At the top of one of Santa’s lists NICEST
Banned PEDs, slangily ROIDS
Battle of San Jacinto cry REMEMBERTHEOMALA
Buffalo skaters SABRES
Burst of noise PEAL
Busybody YENTA
Bygone Swedish auto SAAB
Check recipient PAYEE
Chooses to participate OPTSIN
Clear square PANE
Club relative BLT
Coin produced from 1971 to 1978 EISENHOWERRALLOD
Collection from Horace ODES
Comes apart UNRAVELS
Common enc SASE
Communicating INTOUCH
Compound with a C=C(OH) group ENOL
Constant critic NAG
Contemporary of Boris and Bela LON
Cruet contents OIL
Danger for Indiana Jones ASPS
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Did in SLEW
Directors on Broadway? USHERS
Drum wire SNARE
Eschewed longhand TYPED
Fill the tank GASUP
Former North Carolina governor Perdue BEV
Frequency of American electrical current SIXTYZTREH
Furniture set SUITE
Gemsbok, e.g ORYX
Geneviève de Paris, par exemple STE
Group in power REGIME
Habit GARB
Hardware store collection SCREWS
Hawk’s home AERIE
He often puts Lois in danger LEX
Holds forth ORATES
Home of the Masters Tournament AUGUSTALANOITAN
Ice tray setting FREEZER
Idle hope DREAM
In more pain ACHIER
In more pain SORER
Informs against one’s colleagues FLIPS
Intense hatred ODIUM
It carries a charge ION
It commemorates the 1862 Mexican victory over the French at Puebla CINCODEMAYO
It’s a fist in American Sign Language ESS
It’s good in Grenoble BON
Job in a judge’s office CLERKING
Join a thread POST
Joins with thread SEWS
Judge DEEM
Clues Answers
Kidney-based RENAL
Like Muenster and havarti SEMISOFT
Likely to upset the CFO, perhaps OVERTEGDUB
Loser to Ted in 2018 BETO
Make mittens, maybe KNIT
Male admirers BEAUX
Mambo master Tito PUENTE
Manual target USER
Manx relative ERSE
Many “Smallfoot” characters YETIS
Mayor between Beame and Dinkins KOCH
Meal in a bowl RAMEN
Middle of three jacket layers INTERLINING
Most Jordanians ARABS
Mushroom cloud maker HTEST
New York PBS affiliate WNET
Nicholas II was the last of them TSARS
Ninth-inning pitcher CLOSER
North Korean dynasty name KIM
Not standard EXTRA
Optical inflammation IRITIS
Org. facilitating some adoptions SPCA
Paisley person SCOT
Paper towel layer PLY
Pedal pushers FEET
Perished like the Wicked Witch of the West MELTED
Pervasive idea MEME
Place for a certain ceremony TEAGARDEN
Plaintiff in Clay v. United States ALI
Poem of medieval France LAI
Poppycock TOSH
Possessive on some menus TSOS
Powder holder KEG
Problem for produce dealers SPOILAGE
Prudent SANE
Pumpernickel cousin RYE
Puts the pedal to the metal BURNSRUBBER
Rapidly spreading VIRAL
Reading and Pennsylvania, e.g.: Abbr RRS
Reunion attendees KIN
Setting item GEM
Shaving boo-boos NICKS
Siamese greeting MEOW
Small-scale program APPLET
Smoky duct FLUE
Spur site BOOT
Starship originally designed by Matt Jefferies USSESIRPRETNE
Stick for conducting BATON
Surfer’s reading material EMAG
Tel. no. part EXT
The piper’s son TOM
Three-panel works TRIPTYCHS
Train to the Hamptons, for short LIRR
Treatment for 44-Down EYEDROP
Triton’s horn CONCH
Twit ASS
Under the weather ILL
Undesirable roommate SLOB
Unlikely to belch in public, say PRIM
Virgule SLASH
Weakly hit fly BLOOP
What a hydrotherapist offers WATERCURE
Wide-bellied crock BEANPOT
Wounds in anger SPITES
___ artery (aorta fork) ILIAC
___ ejemplo POR
___ example FOR
___ standstill ATA