USA Today - Dec 15 2019

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Clues Answers
'Beautiful ___' (Beyonce & Shakira song) LIAR
'Peace!' in Pisa CIAO
'Why do you ___?' ASK
'___ my way downtown, walking fast . . .' MAKING
*throws hands up* ITRIED
1080p device HDTV
Advancing, in football lingo MOVINGTHESTICKS
Airline org TSA
Appear to be SEEM
Apt name for an opera buff ARIA
Avian synonym for 'zero' GOOSEEGG
Candidate's goal SEAT
Catchall category on surveys OTHER
Cocktails that might be dirty MARTINIS
Columbus resident, e.g OHIOAN
Corporate highest-up CEO
Crucial NEEDED
Day before a holiday EVE
Delight GLEE
Diminutive superlative LEAST
Disturbed the peace, perhaps RIOTED
Dove's cry COO
Dove's place SKY
Dr. Jekyll's bad side MRHYDE
EGOT winner Rita MORENO
Eldest Braxton sister TONI
Fantasy beast ORC
Flour that's a palindrome ATTA
Geico spokeslizard GECKO
Gobbles up EATS
Great ___ (dog) DANE
Greek letter that sounds like part of a spreadsheet RHO
Hatha practitioners YOGIS
Health care pro NURSE
Horse's dad SIRE
Injection SHOT
Islamic holiday EID
It might be taken or skinned KNEE
Clues Answers
Kitchen, for one ROOM
Like a sphere ROTUND
Magazine release ISSUE
Marsupial mascot of the Queensland Reds KOALA
Mizrahi of fashion ISAAC
Month following marzo ABRIL
Neck of the woods AREA
Number following dos TRES
Number of Canadian provinces TEN
One indignity too many THELASTSTRAW
One of five in Mariah Carey's range OCTAVE
Oven glove MITT
Overhaul REDO
Part of a wintry mix SLEET
Pay increases RAISES
Per unit EACH
Proofreader's suggestion EDIT
Rainbow's shape ARC
Second-to-last out of 52-Across NINTH
See 62-Across CALL
Severe dislike HATRED
Shred of old cloth RAG
Simple beds COTS
Storm preceder CALM
Subjects of repentance SINS
Threaded fastener SCREW
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Timeline sections ERAS
Top-tier ELITE
Triplicate ___ (three-body superhero) GIRL
Unagi or anago, in sushi EEL
Uncommon RARE
Unfrozen THAWED
With 6-Down, 'I'm indifferent' YOUR
Word after 'color' or 'rhyme' SCHEME
Word with no etymological relation to 'island,' surprisingly ISLE
Words written on a dusty car WASHME
Wraps up ENDS
___ the cows come home TIL