USA Today - Dec 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'Enough!' STOP
'Lift ___ Voice and Sing' EVERY
'No prob, boss' ONIT
'This Christmas' singer DONNYHATHAWAY
'You reap what you ___' SOW
'You said it!' AMEN
A new one might start with a regime change ERA
Actress ___ May Wong ANNA
Ambulance pro EMT
Apt-sounding name for a werewolf HARRY
Asterisk STAR
Avian symbol of peace DOVE
B-flat equivalent ASHARP
Broadcasts AIRS
Bronte's Jane EYRE
Candy with a short-lived chewy version called Dweebs NERDS
Card game 'aka Training Spades,' per Danez Smith UNO
City that's an anagram of 'Tokyo' KYOTO
Coffeehouse menu heading ICED
Compact DENSE
Computerized image SCAN
Con artist's creation SCAM
Consumes EATS
Dance seen in the film 'Kumu Hina' HULA
Day division HOUR
Discussion with several participants ROUNDTABLE
Emailed, say SENT
Entree with a crust POTPIE
Evaluate numerically RATE
Floor function DANCEPARTY
Food served with pickled ginger SUSHI
Himalayan beast of myth YETI
Island country setting in 'Hobbs & Shaw' SAMOA
Italian goodbye CIAO
Its face has numbers CLOCK
Jazz singer Vaughan SARAH
Kettle output STEAM
Clues Answers
Like the night in a novel-opening cliche DARKANDSTORMY
Long journeys TREKS
Looks early PEEKS
Many an Ethiopian dish STEW
Measure before Lima in the NATO phonetic alphabet KILO
Medical drama settings, for short ERS
Mexican sandwich TORTA
Moviemaking tech CGI
Nabisco cookie OREO
Neighbor of Ore IDA
Obligation ONUS
Oohs and ___ AAHS
Opening for sweat PORE
Ostrich relatives EMUS
Owl's exclamation HOOT
Part of a stand-up tour COMEDYSHOW
Part of LGBTQIA, for short ACE
Part of TGIF ITS
Personal journal DIARY
Planet's path ORBIT
Previous OLD
Probability ODDS
Returnee's declaration IMBACK
Ruler unit INCH
Shirt-coloring method TIEDYE
Site of an annual 500-mile race, for short INDY
Softball twofer DOUBLEPLAY
Stay away from SHUN
Surprised greeting OHHI
Swiss mountains ALPS
The ones over there THOSE
Translation of 'hello' HOLA
Twosomes DUOS
U.S. Women's Open org LPGA
URL opener HTTP
What a bad omen might bode DOOM
Word after 'chin' or 'spaghetti' STRAP
___ and flows EBBS
___ Domingo SANTO