USA Today - Dec 10 2019

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Clues Answers
'Are you glad I'm back?' MISSME
'Beat it!' SCRAM
'First off . . .' ONE
'Go fly a ___!' KITE
'He loves me not' discard PETAL
'It's ___' ('We're about even') AWASH
'That's it!' AHA
'The Matrix' role NEO
'Unhand me!' LETGO
'___ we there yet?' ARE
1996 Olympics host city, for short ATL
411 INFO
A storm might knock it out POWER
Additive total SUM
Agony PAIN
All the time ALOT
Amy of 'Arrival' ADAMS
Attack ad insult SMEAR
Belted out SANG
Business bigwig, for short EXEC
Cat chorus MEOWS
Chiding sound TSK
Civil rights activist Medgar EVERS
Coffeehouse CAFE
Comedian Glazer ILANA
Compensate for past mistakes ATONE
Compete using an epee FENCE
Complete stranger RANDO
Dessert list MENU
Dogged pursuit HUNT
Elevator passageway SHAFT
Expend USE
Good times UPS
Hiker's path TRAIL
Item with pull MAGNET
Lassi fruit MANGO
Lent a hand HELPED
Letter-opening word DEAR
Clues Answers
Like some fragrant stickers SCRATCHANDSNIFF
Line of rotation AXIS
Makeup mishap SMUDGE
Midmorning hour TENAM
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Name that's a palindrome ANA
Neighbor of Turkmenistan IRAN
Noble gas used in lasers ARGON
Noncommercial advertisements, for short PSAS
Nonverbal greeting DAP
Number in a 'Star Trek' series title NINE
Org. with masked goalies NHL
Owl's claw TALON
Participate in group SHARE
Peter Parker's 'guy in the chair' NED
Prefix for the opposition ANTI
Provide money for ENDOW
Put away in the library SHELVE
Puts on DONS
Rotate SPIN
See 59-Down LATTE
Sequence of nucleotides GENE
Singer who founded Fenty Beauty RIHANNA
Solid precipitation HAIL
Sound of a fall THUD
Sound thinking SENSE
Specialties for some schools MATHANDSCIENCE
Spot of soreness ACHE
Sticky label at a convention NAMETAG
Suspended instrument GONG
Tabletop gaming needs DICE
That person's THEIR
Their separation is discussed in U.S. history classes CHURCHANDSTATE
Vegas calculations ODDS
With 3-Down, non-coffee coffeehouse offering CHAI
Word before 'voice' or 'soccer' INDOOR
Work ___ ETHIC
Wrestling moves HOLDS