The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,179 - Oct 11 2019

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Clues Answers
& 24 Across A deed, say, that's tricky or very simple DEAD
& 3 Across Chief's not tense -- with new order needed, won't make decision SITS
A wood easily cut up, not one proving awkward EUCALYPTUS
Bend and creak awkwardly around area in jerky movement BREAKDANCE
Bore the cost of action involving conflict DEFRAYED
Dafter chief about to start row POTTIER
Drawings -- a hundred by artist, that initiator of surrealism CRAYONS
Element important, aluminium? Find it in here TANTALUM
Get soaked in the sea with total immersion for a time MARINATE
Getting both feet off the ground in initial movement? FLYINGSTART
Has grown somewhat, but not to maximum extent OWNS
Having lost money fallen through hole in trousers? OUTOFPOCKET
Iron Madame with big drink seen as a dangerous woman FEMMEFATALE
Looking after the final bit, putting time to it TENDING
Clues Answers
Mega-Tory -- he worked out principles designed to bring success GAMETHEORY
Name given to one fool? Yes! NITWIT
One going to pot, getting into hot water? TEABAG
Opposes board going by the book COUNTERACTS
Publicity about star horse not very good? PACER
See 26 Across EASY
Soon to be given new role in engineering ERELONG
Sort of rapid movement -- a tiger about to move to new territory again REMIGRATE
Standard set by US officer ENSIGN
Think again, presumably, and save REDEEM
To listen to terrible cheat brings grief HEARTACHE
Words from religious women conveying love NOUNS
Work about to take place in store -- a bit of plumbing STOPCOCK